Clawdeender is the second main antagonist in the YouTube Trilogy, and more specifically Schm2000's nemesis. In the trilogy he leads the Clawde Army and is a leader of the Death Trappers.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Despite being built as a Blaze robot, Clawdeender's appearance is similar to that of Mario, being the same height and wearing the same type of clothes as him. He has a blue hat and shirt, white overalls, a cyan face (which turns blue in a greenscreen effect), blue hair and the Clawde uniform of red gloves and shoes. When possessing Schm2000 and turning into Schm2000C, he looks more like Schm2000 but retains the red gloves and shoes. The maker of Clawdeender's color code is Schm2000.

Unlike the other Clawdes, Clawdeender is shown to be a manipulator and is often responsible for some horrendous events in the YouTube Trilogy. In War of YouTube, since the Clawdes were new and couldn't yet be able to kill any of the YouTubers, Clawdeender plans to kill the YouTubers by possessing other YouTubers and using their powers to the Clawdes' advantage. In Rise of YouTube, he influenced EmigasFist to bomb the Super Mario 64 Dimensional Cycle after Mars was destroyed. In Fall of YouTube, he also influenced the Martian King to build a robot in order to destroy Fares' gorup.

Like most of the YouTube Trilogy cast, he is also an expert in fighting. His signature moves are cloning himself into three different people and using a red laser that he can fire from his hand.

In War of YouTube, he is mostly shown to be alone, commanding his minions to do his bidding. In Rise of YouTube, his only shown partners are iJosh63 and the Martian King. He also works with one of his fellow surviving Clawdes, Luke, in Rise of YouTube. In Fall of YouTube, his only shown partner is the Martian King. His comrades now include Wiz and Xexon, who he says are his own personal henchmen.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Clawde Possess
  • Laser Ball
  • Flight
  • Teleport
  • Flash Strike
  • Blaze Saber

Roles in Movies Edit

War of YouTube! Edit


Clawdeender stars as the main antagonist in "War of YouTube!" He strangely first appears in Episode 8 as a mysterious figure along with another mysterious figure (MarioMario54321C) kidnapping LuigiGame2 and Skelux. He then appears after MM54321C gives his speech on why the Clawdes should kill the rest of Schm2000's group, saying that Schm is necessary to their plans. He also reveals the kidnapped Skelux and LG2 to the Clawdes. He appears again possessing Schm in Episode 9 and tells his fellow Clawdes to capture the remaining team members. He ends up capturing the last team member left, Dalton, and almost kills him in Episode 10, but Schm resists and frees himself from Clawdeender's control. Enraged, Clawdeender attacks Mario, which leads MarioMario54321 to fire a laser at him. Clawdeender then knocks out MM54321, Starman3 and Camjosh9 and attacks Schm, but is shown defeated in Episode 11.

Rise of YouTube Edit


Clawdeender surprisingly stars as a regular antagonist in "Rise of YouTube", despite being the creator's nemesis. His first appearance is once again Episode 8, where he encounters Starman3's group on Mars and prepares to battle them with the Martian King. He is caught off guard, however, when X reveals his plan to bomb Mars and betrayal to the Death Trappers. Clawdeender manages to escape Mars and later along with iJosh63 urges EmigasFist to bomb the Super Mario 64 Dimensional Cycle. He later appears bombing Star Road and everyone inside, which leads EmigasFist to attempt to kill everyone simultaneously. It fails, however, and Clawdeender appears confused as to why the attempt didn't work.

He later appears in Episode 10 as part of the Crystal King's Last Stand where he was knocked away by Brynn1000.

Fall of YouTube Edit


Clawdeender stars as a secondary main antagonist of "Fall of YouTube". He first appears in the Prologue Episode killing both MarioMario761 and Shadowarrior454 before Shadow can tell MM761 any more Death Trapper information. He then appears in Episode 2 asking the Martian King about the 72nd test, and the Martian King responds by telling Clawdeender that the test was a success. The Martian King then shows the completed test, which is shown to be a robot, to Clawdeender in the Star Road Special Area. Clawdeender then asks how powerful the robot is and where it is going to be tested at. He is then told that the robot is as powerful as Mario and that it is going to be tested at the Power Star Dimension in order to wipe out Fares' group.

Clawdeender then appears in Episode 3 killing UltimateZario1 for not fighting in the Crystal King's Last Stand. He later appears telling his henchmen that the latest test was a success and that they need to stop making ridiculous bets against each other.

In Episode 6, Clawdeender joins the rest of the major antagonists in deciding EmigasFist's fate, saying that he was a far better leader than EmigasFist ever was. While the rest agree that he was a better leader and most agreed when he stated that EmigasFist should be killed, Yuigi allowed EmigasFist to be tested for his life. Clawdeender is disappointed when EmigasFist passes the test, but he does show some admiration for EmigasFist's researching skills when he correctly answered that the Death Trappers are specially trained Wither Skeletons. After Xario and Yuigi are weakened, Clawdeender offers to help them kill Fares's group, but Xario declines.

After EmigasFist reveals himself as MarioSuperSoda in Episode 7 and explains his plans, Clawdeender jumps in and murders SuperNimi35. The rest run away due to Death Mantis also being there, leaving both villains and Simon's Shadow alone. Clawdeender tells Simon's Shadow to follow MarioSuperSoda's group and plans to kill a still-infected SMUS. He then warns Xario about EmigasFist's true identity and is told to follow MarioSuperSoda's group with a mind-controlled Simontheotaku.

Roles in Other Series'/Bloopers Edit

Peace or Torture Edit

Clawdeender steals the prize money in Episode 2 of the original Peace or Torture. Schm2000 and Starman3 manage to beat him up and Starman3 is awarded with the prize money for beating Clawdeender first. Clawdeender is then seen running away from Schm in fear.

Clawdeender reappears as a contestant in the Pilot Episode of the reboot. He mainly dreads being back on the show due to his horrible experiences from the original series. He manages to beat X in a quiz in the first round and wins the race in Hell against iJosh63 and Xario. As a result, he wins 4,345 coins since Schm had to steal MarioMario54321's monthly paycheck.

Trivia Edit

  • Clawdeender was supposed to be in Episode 7 of Rise of YouTube, but due to his theme song not playing, it was added in later that the Clawdeender in that episode was instead the Martian King. This meant that he only appeared in two episodes of Rise of YouTube despite being Schm2000's nemesis.

List of Murders: Edit

  • MarioMario761 (FOY Prologue, did revive later.)
  • Shadowarrrior454 (FOY Prologue, did revive later.)
  • UltimateZario1 (FOY Ep. 3)
  • SuperNimi35 (FOY Ep. 7)