Cut Man X, formerly known as Death Trapper Cut Man, is a regular villain in the YouTube Trilogy. He is a soldier robot programmed to kill YouTubers in "Fall of YouTube."

Appearance/Personality Edit

Death Trapper Cut Man's appearance is based on his 8-bit Mega Man design. He has purple scissors, gloves, and boots, a grey face, light blue eyeballs (orange in picture), and a dark blue body (brown in picture). In his Mario battle form, he has a blue hat and shirt, purple overalls, gloves, shoes, and hair, and a grey face.

Cut Man X is also based on his 8-bit design with black scissors, body, and eyeballs and light blue gloves, boots, and face.

Death Trapper Cut Man was built by the Martian King and was ready for battle after 72 tests. It is speculated he was built from plans that Clawdeender obtained from a kidnapped Dr. Wily. The Martian King has said that he is more powerful than Mario, but his skills have only resulted in the death of Claude. He mainly attacks with his cutters, which open up void bombs upon impact. His official stats are 42 H.P. and 6 Attack Power.

Cut Man X is an upgrade that DT Cut Man goes under after he absorbs enough data. His loyalty changes from the Death Trappers to X. It is unknown how powerful Cut Man X is.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Void Cutter
  • Teleport
  • Flight
  • X-003 Chip

Roles in Movies Edit

Fall of YouTube Edit


Death Trapper Cut Man is a regular antagonist in "Fall of YouTube." In Episode 2, after 72 tests, the Martian King reveals DT Cut Man to Clawdeender and says that the robot is more powerful than Mario. DT Cut Man briefly appears in Episode 5's "To Be Continued" screen. In Episode 6, DT Cut Man successfully "terminates" DylanDylan54321 with a void cutter before revealing himself to Fares's group. He reveals that the Martian King built him to terminate Fares's group. After PowerBros9001 reveals that DD54321 is still alive, he throws another void cutter at the group and knocks away half of its members. Schm2000, iJosh64, Simontheotaku, and PowerBros are left remaining and DT Cut Man is left shocked at how they managed to dodge his cutter. After Simon points out his failure in killing anyone, DT Cut Man points out Simon's failure in being able to fight. DT Cut Man transforms into battle mode, and a fight initiates. He manages to knock away PowerBros with a homing void cutter and attempts to kill iJosh64 with a flurry of cutters, but Claude sacrifices himself for iJosh. An enraged Schm turns into the Endermen King and beats up DT Cut Man with Simon's help. After Schm and iJosh land a finishing blow, DT Cut Man throws one last cutter at Schm, but Simon freezes it. Schm then supposedly finishes off the robot by throwing a Ruby Star orb. DT Cut Man reboots and upgrades himself with the absorbed data to become Cut Man X. He lists the Death Trappers as enemies and claims allegiance to X.

Trivia Edit

  • Death Trapper Cut Man's colors are different between the picture and the videos due to Sony Vegas's red eye reduction feature.
  • Originally, DT Cut Man was supposed to die in Episode 6 in Fall of YouTube. However, due to the creator liking the robot so much, he was given an upgrade instead.
  • DT Cut Man is the only character in the YouTube Trilogy who has known stats.
  • The intro, H.P. meter, and ending music in the DT Cut Man fight references Cut Man's stage intro, boss meter, and end fight music respectively.

List of Murders: Edit

  • Claude (FOY Ep. 6)

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DT Cut Man

Death Trapper Cut Man.

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