EmigasFist is the main villain in "Rise of YouTube", and more specifically Starman3's nemesis. He is also currently the main antagonist in the whole YouTube Trilogy. In the movie he is the second-in-command and eventually the leader of the Death Trappers.

Appearance/Personality Edit

EmigasFist's appearance is similar to that of Mario's, like everyone else. He wears the same type of clothes and is the same height as Mario. He has a red hat and shirt, purple overalls, a chalk-white face, dark green gloves, black shoes, and brown hair.

As SuperEmiga's assistant, he is often seen next to him and is somewhat involved in his plans. After SuperEmiga gave EmigasFist leadership of the Death Trappers, however, EmigasFist stopped taking direct action and mainly used others to do his work for him. Only when Starman3's group encountered the Crystal King did EmigasFist show up personally, although all of the other members showed up with him. Also, despite being a leader, he can easily be manipulated by Clawdeender, as shown when Clawdeender convinced him to bomb the Super Mario 64 Dimensional Cycle after Mars was destroyed.

Like most of the YouTube Trilogy cast, he is shown to be an expert in fighting. This is only seen once when fighting Dalton and Shad as Death Trapper 3, however.

In Rise of YouTube, he was usually shown to be right next to his best friend and boss, SuperEmiga. After SuperEmiga left, however, EmigasFist was usually seen alone. He has two other friends, MarioMario77777 and EmigaDylan, but he rarely uses them in his plans.

Roles in Movies Edit

Rise of YouTube Edit


EmigasFist stars as the main antagonist in "Rise of YouTube." He first appears in Episode 3 as Death Trapper 3 attempting to kill both Dalton and Shad before being defeated by Schm2000's tracking orbs. He then reveals himself before leaving for the Star Road Secret Area. He later agrees with SuperEmiga, the Death Trapper Leader, to attack everyone at Star Road for knowing about the Death Trapper base at Mars.

In Episode 4, he reviews with SuperEmiga the current events going on and directs Death Trapper 6 to poison the river and clone both Schm2000 and MarioMario761. He also attempts to guard Dalton and Shad as his prisoners, but is stopped by Cooolboy78 and knocked out by WaluigiGame2.

His next appearance is in Episode 7, when he is the new leader of the Death Trappers. He orders the Runner4707 Clone to attack Starman3's group and X to recover the Power Armor.

In Episode 8, he meets with Clawdeender, iJosh63, and Simon's Shadow to figure out what to do next after X bombed Mars. Clawdeender suggests bombing the entire Super Mario 64 Dimensional Cycle, and EmigasFist declares him insane. Seeing no better option, EmigasFist hires his friends EmigaDylan and MarioMario77777 to help bomb Star World and Clawdeender to bomb Star Road. After the cycle is successfully blown up, EmigasFist tries using his Void powers to destroy the immobile heroes, but fails. Since MarioMario761 is still active, EmigasFist can't kill anyone. He then orders that MarioMario761 should be killed.

He tries to take Starman3 into the Void in Episode 9 to subject him to eternal torture, but is stopped and thrown into the Void by MarioGame2222 and WaluigiGame2.

He later encounters Starman3's group in the Crystal King's Last Stand and tries to kill Musthasto, but is instead knocked out by LuigiLuigi573. He later tells Starman3 that the villains who fought survived, and before Starman3 can attack EmigasFist, a mysterious figure stops him.

In Episode 11, the figure is revealed to be an Emiga-Virused LuigiFan54321. EmigasFist explained that he made the Emiga Virus from the X-Virus in order to infect YouTubers and make an army. He couldn't make the virus spread, however, and could only infect ten people with it. After LuigiFan54321 wins against LuigiLuigi573 and Lugiaboy2, EmigasFist orders him to kill Starman3, but is seemingly killed by Starman3 before anything can happen. Starman3 is not convinced that EmigasFist is dead, however.

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