IJosh64, formerly Camjosh9, is a YouTuber, friend of Schm2000, co-founder of Shroomwood and recurring protagonist in War of YouTube, Rise of YouTube and Fall of YouTube. He is a main character in the YouTube Trilogy.

Appearance/Personality Edit

iJosh64 is about Mario's height and has the clothes of Mario like any YouTuber. He has a orange hat, orange shoes, light blue overalls, a lime green face and gloves, and black hair. When possessed by Clawdecamjosh9 and made into Camjosh9C, the color of his gloves and shoes are changed to red, like the Clawdes. He has a cousin named FireMario54321.

Like most YouTubers, iJosh64 is an expert in fighting. He is capable of using a blue lightsaber, which was shown in Episode 6 of "Fall of YouTube" when he used it against Death Trapper Cut Man twice. The attacking power of his lightsaber is approximately 3.

Throughout the YouTube Trilogy, iJosh64 is best friends with Schm2000. In Rise of YouTube, iJosh64 is the first person Schm2000 tries to seek help from when Mario starts capturing people using voodoo dolls. Throughout most of his appearances, however, he and MarioStar92 are partners. iJosh64 is usually seen around Schm after Starman3 defeats the Crystal King. In Fall of YouTube, iJosh64 and Schm2000 talk about starting a new group called Shroomwood and request that DylanDylan54321 should join this group. He also attempts to finish off Death Trapper Cut Man with Schm2000.

In the Peace or Torture episodes, while iJosh64 does act friendly towards Schm, he despises the show Peace or Torture like everyone else. In the Pilot Episode of the reboot, Schm2000 directly mocks iJosh64 by not only saying that his nemesis (iJosh63) does better, but also sparing iJosh63 from any torture.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Flight
  • Teleport
  • Laser Ball
  • Blue Lightsaber

Roles in Movies Edit

War of YouTube! Edit


Camjosh9 is a regular character in "War of YouTube!" He first appears in Episode 1, where he heads to Bomb-omb Battlefield to get the first relic. He obtains the relic after fighting King Bomb-omb and winning. In Episode 5, he ignores Schm2000's warning to travel to Star Road using backwards crystals and instead chooses to use the pipe travelling straight into Star Road. He is revealed to be captured in Episode 6 and is said to be converted by his Clawde to make Camjosh9C. The new Clawde teams up with MarioC and ambushes Schm's group at Peach's Castle when they come back from Star Road. He attempts to fight LucarioKiddo in Episode 7, but ends up losing. He reappears in Episode 9 kidnapping his own cousin (FireMario54321) in Bomb-omb Battlefield. Camjosh9 manages to break free of his Clawde's control in Episode 10 and gets knocked out by Clawdeender after MarioMario54321 hits Clawdeender with a laser beam.

In Extra Episode 1 (which takes place between Episodes 3 and 4), Camjosh9 states to his group that he trusts Schm2000 to lead them and helps convince Mario to join them. He leaves Starman3 behind when he refuses to trust Schm. Before he can blast off into Mars, LucarioKiddo appears and asks to join the group on their adventure. Camjosh9 lets him into the group before heading to Mars.

Rise of YouTube Edit


Camjosh9 (or iJosh64) stars once again as a regular protagonist in "Rise of YouTube." Schm2000 seeks his help in Episode 1 when Mario starts capturing people using voodoo dolls. He decides to help Schm fight Mario in order to rescue everyone that he has captured. Somehow, their fight with Mario merges with Starman3 and MarioStar64's battle with Death Trapper 1. After MS64 and CJ9 are punched, DT1 makes a huge energy ball and sends everyone but Mario into different dimensions.

MS64 and CJ9 are shown to have landed in Star World after Cooolboy78's group arrives in Episode 5. They explain that they have been guarding Star World ever since they were blasted away by DT1. When Star World's group contacts Star Road's group, CJ9 finds out that Schm is in Star Road. He then listens to MarioSuperSoda's speech about all of the important events that happened during the movie.

CJ9 changes his name to iJosh64 in Episode 6 while MS64 changes his name to MarioStar92 and changes his appearance. Before Episode 9, the Star World group tries to escape MarioMario77777 and EmigaDylan's bomb using Yoshi Guy's portal, but they are caught and knocked out by Simon's Shadow. Schm's group manages to rescue iJ64 and most of his group and everyone heads to the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat the Crystal King and restore every dimension. Both iJ64 and MS92 react to Brynn1100 powering up in Episode 9.

During the fight with Simon's Shadow in Episode 10, a Death Trapper and Ethan are knocked into MarioStar92 and YoshiFanX. After iJ64 comments that he wasn't hit, the same Death Trapper knocks iJ64 out before heading towards Cooolboy78. He is shown to be conscious after being healed by one of Shadowarrior454's potions and congratulates Starman3 for defeating the Crystal King. He is also seen with Schm2000 when he congratulates Starman3 for seemingly killing EmigasFist.

Fall of YouTube Edit


iJosh64 finally stars as a main character in "Fall of YouTube." In the beginning of Episode 1, he talks with Schm2000's group about how a certain person has gone insane. When Death Trapper 63 appears, iJosh64 immediately calls him a psychopath before trying to escape through a random Void portal. Yoshi Guy ends up sacrificing his life to save iJ64, but he doesn't realize that fact just yet. iJ64 and his group ends up in Planet Stardust and meet Fares242. The group learns from Fares that Xario is the creator of the Death Trappers and needs to be defeated in order to get the Power Star Dimension back. In order to defeat him, the group needs to kill all 15 of Xario's spirits. iJ64 then sees Yoshi Guy die and feels remorse. He then agrees to help Schm open up the portal into the Power Star Dimension.

In Episode 2, iJosh64 and Musthasto ask Schm why LuigiLuigi573 feels like he can't help them open up the portal. He explains that ever since WaluigiGame2 healed LL573, he hasn't been confident with his new body. iJ64 and Musthasto then reveal that Matt (DragonBallZKai5) has also stayed behind to look for his mask. Later in the episode, after Simontheotaku reveals that the Wither has arrived in the Power Star Dimension, iJ64 asks about why this information is important. Schm2000 then explains that he is the real Endermen King and that he found the Mushroom Kingdom through a random portal. He also explains that he fought against the Wither in the Nether Infection War after he threatened to take over Minecraft. When a mysterious LuigiLuigi573 impersonator arrives and knocks away Musthasto, he prepares to reveal himself to Schm's group.

The impersonator actually freezes the group in Episode 3 and adds an extra effect of torture for everyone except Schm, with iJ64's effect being extra fear. Before the fake LL573 can do anything else, Fares242 freezes the imposter and frees everyone. They then leave for the Power Star Dimension after meeting with MarioSuperSoda and Jbro109.

Schm2000 meets with iJosh64 in Episode 4 and asks if they can start a new group after the war is over. They both agree to call the group Shroomwood after iJosh64 mentions the name. When Fares242's group comes across an unconscious UMario and Mariofan14, iJ64 watches Schm revive Mariofan14 with the Ruby Star, a mind-controlled Matt killing UMario, anyone with a Crystal Star freezing Matt, and Musthasto fighting Matt.

Fares's group encounters DylanDylan54321 and Marhfg in Tutankoopa's Ruins during Episode 6. After Marhfg tries to kill Schm and Schm knocks Marhfg away, the group questions Marhfg's motivation to attack Schm. DD54321 explains that Marhfg hates Schm for being responsible for the Moon of Ender invasions. iJ64 and Schm ask DD54321 to join Shroomwood, and after he says yes, Death Trapper Cut Man knocks him away with a Void cutter. DT Cut Man then knocks away everyone else besides Schm, iJ64, Simon, and PowerBros9001. During the fight with DT Cut Man, after Schm tricks a cutter into colliding with the robot, iJ64 strikes the robot with his blue lightsaber. DT Cut Man then throws multiple cutters at iJ64, and Claude randomly appears to sacrifice himself for iJ64. After the Endermen King weakens DT Cut Man and reverts back into Schm, iJ64 helps Schm by attempting to finish off the robot. Schm's group then leaves before DT Cut Man upgrades into Cut Man X.

iJosh64 goes with Schm2000 to check on the rest of the group in Episode 7 and is surprised to learn that not only has MarioMario54321 mysteriously replaced Marhfg, but both MF14 and PB9001 left to fight the Chaos Spirit. Xario and Yuigi then block the path towards King Whomp's Fortress with a fireball before revealing themselves as FireMario54321 and LuigiGame2. iJosh64 is especially horrified as the news of his cousin being Xario and repeatedly denies that his cousin would do such a thing. After Fares attempts to kill Xario with his Crystal Star, iJosh64 angrily berates Fares for his attempted murder. In response to iJosh64's claim that there is still humanity left in Xario, Xario fires an Omega Laser that obliterates LL573 and Musthasto completely. Xario then mind-controls Simon and tells him to murder Jbro before MarioSuperSoda steps in and holds Xario in place. iJosh64 then gets the idea to run into the M Hotel, and Schm, DD54321, and Fares follow him.

Roles in Other Series'/Bloopers Edit

Peace or Torture Edit

iJosh64 appears as one of the three main contestants in the original "Peace or Torture!" In Episode 1, he manages to beat MarioMario54321 in a quiz, but fails to beat Luigi in the final round when he doesn't reach his end goal in time. In Episode 2, he faces off against Starman3 and loses when he dies trying to complete the first obstacle in a Roblox Wipeout map.

In the reboot's Pilot Episode, he congratulates Schm2000 for reaching 250 subscribers, but immediately takes his comment back when Schm reveals that he plans to bring back his show "Peace or Torture!" He expresses relief when it's revealed that Schm plans to use different contestants for his show. However, iJosh64 shows up multiple times to complain about Schm saying that iJosh63 was a better contestant than iJ64 and sparing iJ63 from suffering in the lava pit.

Halloween Black Edit

iJosh64 appears in Schm2000's third Halloween Special preparing to celebrate Halloween with everyone else. However, after Death Trapper 63 kidnaps MarioMario54321 and Mariofan14, iJ64 joins Jbro109's group to save them. When Jbro, iJ64, and MarioSuperSoda encounter Death Trapper 63, they call him out for trying to disguise as Captain64000 since they know that Captain is dead. Before DT63 can kill them, however, Marigi steps in and defeats DT63 for them.

The 100 Subscriber Special Edit

iJosh64 searches for Schm before Enzo finds out that Schm has 100 subscribers. When Enzo reveals this information, everyone else helps iJosh64 find Schm. When Cooolboy78 finds Schm and brings him back, iJ64 congratulates Schm for having 100 subscribers.

Trivia Edit

  • iJosh64 is the only person in the YouTube Trilogy to change his name (from Camjosh9) without changing his appearance.
  • iJosh64 is the first person in the YouTube Trilogy to be shown with a lightsaber.

List of Murders: Edit

  • Clawdecamjosh9 (WOY Ep. 10)