Peace or Torture is a video series created by Schm2000 which centres on a game show where contestants compete against each other to win the prize money and avoid getting thrown in the pit of lava.

2 episodes were produced in 2012 before the series ended up getting cancelled. However the series was revived on December 27th, 2017 to celebrate Schm2000 reaching 250 subscribers on YouTube.


Peace or Torture is a game show that is hosted by Schm2000. Other staff include a Co-Host (only added in the reboot) and a "Pit Guy" played by Dalton, who takes care of throwing the losing contestants into the lava pit.

Peace or Torture features a tournament structure, where the contestants will compete against each other in various events including: Quizzes, Races, Fights and even Hide and Seek. Usually a pair of contestants will face off in each round, however 3 or more will compete against each other at once under certain circumstance. The winner of each round will advance on to the next while the loser will be thrown into the lava pit and remain there until the end of the episode.

The overall winner of the tournament will generally receive the prize money of 10,000 coins.

List of CharactersEdit


  • Schm2000 (Host)
  • Dalton (Pit Guy)
  • Shad (Co-Host - S1 Pilot Episode, Episode 2)
  • Paul (Co-Host - S1 Episode 1)


  • Mario (Old Series - Episode 1-2)
  • Luigi (Old Series - Episode 1-2)
  • IJosh64 (Old Series - Episode 1-2)
  • MarioMario54321 (Old Series - Episode 1, S1 Episode 2)
  • Starman3 (Old Series - Episode 2)
  • Clawdeender (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • IJosh63 (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • Simon's Shadow (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • Xario (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • X (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • Cut Man X (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • Martian King (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • Wario (Darth Greedious) (S1 Pilot Episode)
  • MarioGame2222 (S1 Episode 1)
  • DarthRevio (S1 Episode 1)
  • Skelux (S1 Episode 1)
  • SuperEmiga (S1 Episode 1)
  • Captain64000 (S1 Episode 2)
  • Enzo (S1 Episode 2)
  • Yoshi Guy (S1 Episode 2)

Other CharactersEdit

  • LuigiFan54321
  • SMUS16475
  • MarioMario761
  • Fares242
  • Jediwarriormike
  • Tagen SMF
  • UltimateHario1
  • Axitonium
  • CandyMario751
  • WaluigiGame2
  • SuperNimi35
  • Eyerok
  • UltimateZario1
  • Luke
  • Devil
  • Joe
  • Mariofan14
  • MarioSuperSoda
  • Claude
  • DylanDylan54321

List of EpisodesEdit

Old SeriesEdit

  • Episode 1: Races and Torture (Winner: None)
  • Episode 2: Clawdeender's Robbery (Winner: Starman3)


  • S1 Pilot Episode - 250 Subscriber Special (Winner: Clawdeender)
  • S1 Episode 1 - Warrant for Attention (Winner: MarioGame2222)
  • S1 Episode 2 - Your UPS Delivery Man Joe (Winner: Yoshi Guy)