The Beginning is the first episode of Rise of YouTube. It was the first movie Schm2000 made with Sony Vegas 7.

Rise of YouTube Ep07:19

Rise of YouTube Ep. 1 The Beginning

The first episode.


Luigi, MarioMario54321, Starman3, Thecaptain64000, MarioStar64, and Dalton are trying to enjoy the peaceful day, but are controlled and put in prison by Mario with the help of voodoo dolls. Schm hears of this, and tells Camjosh9, DragonBallZKai5, and SMUS16475 of what Mario's doing. Mario sends Starman3 and MarioStar64 to have free time while Schm and CJ9 confront him. Starman and MarioStar see a Death Trapper, people who want to kill YouTube Rangers, and battle him. Both battles combine and the heroes lose. Schm is sent to Star Road where he meets Skelux and Starman3 is sent to ???.


  • Luigi
  • Mario (Possessed)
  • MarioMario54321
  • Starman3
  • Thecaptain64000
  • Schm2000
  • Camjosh9
  • DragonBallZKai5
  • SMUS16475
  • Dalton
  • MarioStar64
  • Death Trapper 1
  • Skelux

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