The Invasion of the Castle is the tenth episode of Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". This episode is 9 minutes and 4 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Ep

Rise of YouTube! Ep. 10-The Invasion of the Castle

Story Edit

UltimateZario1 and UltimateHario1 encounter each other in the Void and prepare to battle. Both opponents power up and strike each other.

Simon's Shadow encounters Schm2000's group outside of Mushroom Castle and threatens to kill them all. The mysterious hero accepts the challenge and battles the Darkwizard and 2 other Death Trappers. Mario ends up accidentally injuring Ethan while injuring a Death Trapper and both are sent flying back into MarioStar92 and YoshiFanX. The impact knocks out MS92 and YFX before the Death Trapper recovers. He knocks out iJosh64 and attempts to knock out Cooolboy78, but Brynn1100 steps in and is knocked out instead. The mysterious hero, revealed to be Musthasto, kills off the Death Trapper before being hit by another Death Trapper. Yoshi Guy, Claude, and LucarioKiddo then kill the other Death Trapper before Simon's Shadow knocks out Yoshi Guy and Claude. LK teleports away, and the Darkwizard attempts to kill Fawn. Simon takes the blow instead and is killed off. The Darkwizard then kills Axitonium and attempts to kill CB78, but Schm turns into the Endermen King and kills off Simon's Shadow first. Dalton and Shad check on Ethan before leaving with him to get away from the Mushroom Kingdom. This leaves Schm2000, Mario, LucarioKiddo, Fawn, and Musthasto to fight the Death Trappers.

At Star Road, Lugiaboy2 encounters Starman3 and gives him a slight power boost. He then tells SM3 that he is needed in the Mushroom Kingdom in order to defeat the Crystal King. DragonBallZKai5 overhears this and decides to help. When SM3 gets to the Mushroom Kingdom, he asks Mario and Musthasto for help, and they agree. SM3's group encounters Death Trappers 9 and 10 in the castle's second floor and both Mario and Musthasto fight them. DT10 knocks out Musthasto, but DT9 tells Mario that he is secretly on their side and fakes knocking him out. DT9 convinces DT10 to not attack SM3 and both meet in a private room. DT9 kills DT10 and reveals himself to be Shadowarrior454. SW454 then revives Musthasto before heading outside. He revives Brynn and tells Schm to revive everyone else with his potions. SW454's group then heads back inside to help SM3.

The Martian King prepares to fight SM3, but he is knocked away by Dragon. SM3 and Dragon then encounter the Crystal King at the top of the castle. EmigasFist, Clawdeender, the Martian King, EmigaDylan, Luke, MarioMario77777, and iJosh63 then appear to back up the Crystal King. SW454, Mario, Musthasto, and Brynn appear to help SM3, and a new hero named LuigiLuigi573 kills EmigaDylan and MM77777 before EmigasFist teleports everyone into the Void. During the fight, Dragon knocks the Martian King into iJ63, allowing Brynn to knock out Clawdeender and Luke. LL573 then attacks EmigasFist, leaving the Crystal King by himself. SM3 transforms into Fire Starman3 and both Fire SM3 and Mario kill the Crystal King off.

Schm's newly revived group congratulates SM3 on his victory, but EmigasFist reveals that he and his comrades are still alive. SM3 prepares to finish EmigasFist off, but is stopped by a mysterious attacker. Mariofan14 appears in the "To Be Continued" screen.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • UltimateZario1 (Minor Role)
  • UltimateHario1 (Minor Role)
  • Schm2000 (Major Role)
  • Cooolboy78 (Minor Role)
  • Simon (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • Simon's Shadow (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • Musthasto/??? (Minor Role)
  • 2 Death Trappers (Extras) [Dies]
  • Axitonium (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • Ethan (Minor Role)
  • Mario (Minor Role)
  • Brynn1100 (Minor Role)
  • iJosh64 (Minor Role)
  • MarioStar92 (Cameo)
  • YoshiFanX (Cameo)
  • Yoshi Guy (Cameo)
  • Claude (Cameo)
  • LucarioKiddo (Minor Role)
  • Fawn (Minor Role)
  • Dalton (Minor Role)
  • Shad (Minor Role)
  • Starman3 (Leading Role)
  • Lugiaboy2 (Major Role)
  • DragonBallZKai5 (Minor Role)
  • Shadowarrior454/Death Trapper 9 (Major Role)
  • Death Trapper 10 (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • Martian King (Minor Role)
  • Crystal King (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • EmigasFist (Minor Role)
  • Clawdeender (Minor Role)
  • EmigaDylan (Cameo) [Dies]
  • Luke (Cameo)
  • MarioMario77777 (Cameo) [Dies]
  • iJosh63 (Cameo)
  • LuigiLuigi573 (Minor Role)
  • LuigiFan54321 (Infected) (Cameo)
  • Mariofan14 (Cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode where no one has a regular role.
  • This is the only episode that Mariofan14 appears in.
  • This is the only episode where Lugiaboy2 has a major role.
  • Starman3 has a leading role in this episode. This is only one of four leading roles in the entire series: SM3 has another one in Episode 2 and Schm2000 has two in Episodes 1 and 2.
  • This episode has the record for the most deaths in an episode of "Rise of YouTube" with 9 people ending up dead (although only 7 were permanently killed). This is also the only episode where any protagonists are killed off.
  • UltimateHario1 was supposed have his last appearance in this episode, but he was brought back for Fall of YouTube.
  • This episode is Schm2000's favorite episode in Rise of YouTube.

Gallery Edit

ROY 10-1

UltimateHario1 and UltimateZario1 prepare to strike each other.

ROY 10-6

Mario and a Death Trapper fire lasers at each other.

ROY 10-2

Musthasto reveals himself.

ROY 10-3

Simon prepares to take the blow instead of Fawn.

ROY 10-4

Simon accepts his death.

ROY 10-5

Axitonium is unaware about his impending death.

ROY 10-7

Schm2000 as the Endermen King prevents Simon's Shadow from murdering Cooolboy78.

ROY 10-8

Death Trapper 9 (Shadowarrior454) informs Mario that he is on the good side.

ROY 10-9

Shadowarrior454 restores Musthasto by using a potion.

ROY 10-10

The Crystal King gets help from all of his comrades.

ROY 10-11

Fire Starman3 and Mario kill the Crystal King.

ROY 10-12

A mysterious attacker prevents Starman3 from finishing EmigasFist off.

ROY 10-13