The Road to War is the second episode of Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". It is the first video where another person besides Schm2000 (Starman3) made scenes for that video, specifically the opening scene. The episode is 16 minutes and 9 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Ep

Rise of YouTube! Ep. 2 The Road to War

The second episode.

Story Edit

Spoilers start here!

Starman3 lands in the Fourth Dimension after being hit by Death Trapper 1's blast. He notices that Quario and Fourigi are gone, probably to fight Dowser, and meets Starman4. SM4 explains that the Death Trappers are as strong as the Blooper Stoppers and that SM3 can take them down easily. After saying "May the Super Star be with you," SM4 teleports SM3 back into the Mushroom Kingdom. SM3 finds Captain back at home, who tells SM3 that he scared off DT1 and that the Death Trappers have taken over the dimensional pathways. When SM3 walks into the Clock Room, he finds Death Trapper 2 waiting for him. SM3 uses his Fire Star and kills DT2 after a long battle.

Meanwhile, Schm finds SMUS inside Star Leap Tower and is shocked to learn that he and DragonBallZKai5 were blasted off into Star Road with Schm. Dragon is missing, however, so both Schm and SMUS search in Large Leaf Forest and Melting Snow Peaks for him. During the search, Schm breaks the fourth wall when he complains about how long the video is. It turns out that Dragon is in Mars, the Death Trapper's base of operations and Cui's ex-base. The Martian King finds Dragon, reveals himself as Cui's master, and prepares to battle Dragon.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • Starman3 (Leading Role)
  • Starman4
  • Schm2000 (Leading Role)
  • SMUS16475 (Major Role)
  • DragonBallZKai5
  • Martian King
  • Captain64000 (Minor Role)
  • Death Trapper 2 (Minor Role) [Dies]

Music Used (Order of Use)Edit

  • Chaoz Impact (Original Composition by Paragonx9)
  • World Star - New Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Starship Mario - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Remix by Starman3)
  • Grass Land - Yoshi's Safari (Remix by Starman3)
  • Space Theme - Sheep, Dog, N' Wolf
  • Overworld - Super Mario Land 2 (Remix by Starman3)
  • Emerald Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Double Damage (Original Composition by Paragonx9)
  • Blue Marine (Original Composition by Paragonx9)
  • Inferlopex (Original Composition by Dimrain47)
  • Sky Sanctuary - Sonic & Knuckles (Remix by Starman3)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the longest video in "Rise of YouTube", partly due to the fact that Schm and SMUS's search scenes take around 4 minutes each.
  • This is the only episode where 2 people have leading roles (Schm2000 and Starman3). There are only two other leading roles in the "Rise of YouTube" series, Schm's role in Ep. 1 and SM3's role in Ep. 10.
  • This is the only episode where SMUS16475 has a major role.
  • This is the first video where a Death Trapper member is killed.

Gallery Edit

ROY 2-1

"May the Super Star be with you."

ROY 2-2

The Martian King

ROY 2-3

Schm2000...battles a Wiggler?

ROY 2-4

Fire Starman3.

ROY 2-5

And now Schm's battling an Ice Bully...stuck between a pillar and a tower!