The Start of the Invasion! is the fourth episode in Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". The episode is 8 minutes and 56 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Episode 4-The Start of the Invasion!

Rise of YouTube! Episode 4-The Start of the Invasion!

The fourth episode.

Story Edit

Spoilers start here!

Starman3 tells Schm2000 that he has to visit the 4th Dimension for an important task. Meanwhile, SuperEmiga and EmigasFist meet in their secret area and discuss about how the invasion on Star Road was a failure. SuperEmiga becomes furious and starts to send out more troops against the YouTubers.

Outside of Peach's castle, UltimateHario1 and SuperNimi35 spot UltimateZario1 casually walking inside the castle. They both decide to fight against him and meet him inside of the castle.

LucarioKiddo encounters Death Trapper 5 in Bomb-omb Battlefield and fights against him with the help of a friend. After killing of DT5, the mysterious friend reveals himself to be MarioGame2222. MG2222 decides to tell LK that the reason he disguised himself is because he possesses the Power Armor.

While waiting for SM3, Schm meets MarioMario761, who wants to join the group at Star Road. Schm agrees, and MM761 stays. While they are talking, however, Death Trapper 6 sneaks up on the group, clones both Schm and MM761, and poisons Star Leap Tower's leader. Skelux almost drinks the water, but SMUS manages to stop him in time.

Shad and Dalton are held hostage by EmigasFist, but Cooolboy78 and WaluigiGame2 come to save them both. WG2 injures EmigasFist while CB78 does some random ritual to teleport everyone to Star World.

SuperEmiga is displeased when EmigasFist reports of the multiple failures shown throughout the episode. The only positive thing that EmigasFist notes is that Zario had not failed his mission yet. SuperEmiga then tells EmigasFist to release the clones. SM3 comes back to Star Road and tells Schm that he has found the map to the Moduwizard.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • Starman3
  • Schm2000
  • EmigasFist (Major Role)
  • SuperEmiga
  • UltimateHario1
  • SuperNimi35
  • UltimateZario1 (Minor Role)
  • LucarioKiddo (Major Role)
  • Death Trapper 5 (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • MarioGame2222/???
  • MarioMario761
  • Death Trapper 6 (Major Role)
  • Shad (Minor Role)
  • Dalton (Minor Role)
  • Cooolboy78
  • WaluigiGame2 (Minor Role)
  • Skelux (Minor Role)
  • SMUS16475 (Minor Role)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode where UltimateHario1 and SuperNimi35 have a non-minor role. This is also the only episode where LucarioKiddo and Death Trapper 6 have a major role. This is also the only episode where MarioMario761 has a regular role.
  • This is the only episode in "Rise of YouTube" where a regular Death Trapper has a major role.
  • Despite being in the opening credits in Episode 1, this is the first episode SuperNimi35 appears in.
  • This is the first video where the text is shown on top of the characters (it is shown in the center during the first UltimateHario1 scene and the first LucarioKiddo scene, though).
  • There is an error where Death Trapper 6's last scene is not seen on a television screen.
  • About 2 minutes of the episode's length are taken up by Cooolboy78's random ritual around Bowser's Final Course.

Gallery Edit

ROY 4-1

UltimateHario1 and SuperNimi35 see UltimateZario1.

ROY 4-2

MarioMario761 wants to help Starman3 defeat the Death Trappers (which he thinks is one person apparently).

ROY 4-3

MarioGame2222 reveals himself.

ROY 4-4

Death Trapper 6 poisons the river (this scene should have been on a television monitor).

ROY 4-5

WaluigiGame2 pummels EmigasFist for Sparta.

ROY 4-6

Cooolboy78 teleport everyone to Star World.