Emiga's Attack! is the fifth episode of Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". The episode is 7 minutes and 5 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Episode 5-Emiga's Attack!

Rise of YouTube! Episode 5-Emiga's Attack!

The fifth episode.

Story Edit

Spoilers start here!

Cooolboy78's group lands at Star World where they meet Camjosh9 and MarioStar64. CJ9 tells the group that they have been protecting the Star World after they were blasted away by Death Trapper 1. Dalton and the rest of the group offer to help.

Meanwhile, Starman3 and Schm2000 go to the Multi-Dimensional Road in order to find the Moduwizard. It turns out that the Moduwizard is Schm's old friend Simon. Simon gives Schm elemental powers before joining the group. Back at Mushroom Castle, SuperNimi35 and UltimateHario1 manage to defeat UltimateZario1 and force him to retreat.

Back at Star Road, Skelux and SMUS decide to answer a call from Star World. CJ9 and MS64 tell Schm and SM3 that they're okay before MarioSuperSoda interrupts. MSS details what happens so far and states that SuperEmiga will strike soon. When DragonBallZKai5 asks what he means, MarioMario761 states that he doesn't know.

On the Mushroom Castle roof, Captain64000 finds a Void Portal in the sky and decides to enter it. Schm2000 and MarioMario761 find their clones on Star Leap Tower and decide to fight them. MarioSuperSoda encounters Death Trapper 6 outside of Star World Castle and prepares to battle him. MarioMario54321 goes inside another Void Portal appearing in Mushroom Castle and decides to enter. He finds SuperEmiga, who reveals his plan to MM54321. He brought MM54321 here so that he could beat him easily, then he could bring everyone else into the Void so that he could be able to kill them all. Emiga then clones MM54321 and leaves while Captain finds MM54321's unconscious body. Death Trapper 1 finds Captain and prepares to fight him.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • Shad (Minor Role)
  • Dalton (Minor Role)
  • Cooolboy78 (Minor Role)
  • WaluigiGame2 (Minor Role)
  • MarioStar64
  • Camjosh9 (Minor Role)
  • Starman3
  • Schm2000
  • Simon (Moduwizard)
  • SuperNimi35 (Minor Role)
  • UltimateZario1 (Minor Role)
  • UltimateHario1 (Minor Role)
  • Skelux (Minor Role)
  • SMUS16475 (Minor Role)
  • MarioSuperSoda (Major Role)
  • DragonBallZKai5 (Minor Role)
  • MarioMario761 (Minor Role)
  • Captain64000
  • Schm2000 Clone (Minor Role)
  • MarioMario761 Clone (Minor Role)
  • Death Trapper 6 (Minor Role)
  • MarioMario54321
  • SuperEmiga (Major Role)
  • MarioMario54321 Clone (Minor Role)
  • Death Trapper 1 (Minor Role)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode where MarioStar92 has a non-minor role. This is also the only episode where MarioSuperSoda and SuperEmiga have a major role. This is also the only episode where Death Trapper 1 has a minor role.
  • This is SuperEmiga's last appearance in "Rise of YouTube", despite being the main antagonist up until this point. This is due to Schm2000 deciding to switch antagonists.

Gallery Edit

ROY 5-1

Camjosh9 and MarioStar64 are revealed to be in Star World.

ROY 5-2

The Moduwizard (Simon) is found...with a horrible green screen effect.

ROY 5-3

MarioSuperSoda warns that SuperEmiga will strike soon.

ROY 5-4

SuperEmiga reveals his plan to MarioMario54321 (that he himself won't carry out).