End of All Dimensions is the eight episode of Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". This episode is 11 minutes and 45 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Ep

Rise of YouTube! Ep. 8-End of all Dimensions

Story Edit

X manages to steal the Power Armor from MarioGame2222, but is caught in the process. X reveals his plan to bomb all of Mars in order to kill the YouTubers and the Death Trappers. He then escapes with MG2222 following behind.

Starman3's group enters the 4th Dimension and are greeted by Starman4. When SMUS asks where the rest of the residents are, SM4 says that the rest of the Star World and Fourth Dimension counterparts are being held hostage by the Death Trappers. Before Cooolboy78 can set off in a fit of rage, Schm2000 notices that DragonBallZKai5 has healed. CB78 then leads the group through 4D Tower, where Dragon, Schm, and SM3 remember their previous experiences in that dimension. The Runner4707 Clone attempts to fight them, but MarioMario761 punches the robot and proceeds to kill it. Skelux then lets the group enter Mars.

Not soon afterwards, the entire group encounters Clawdeender. After Schm brings up their last encounter, Clawdeender does not seem to have any memory of it. Another Clawdeender does remember this though, and reveals himself as the Martian King. Before anyone can fight, however, X announces that he will kill all of them with a bomb that he planted on Mars. MarioGame2222 fights a Power Armored X and loses, but he manages to sacrifice himself to make sure that X stays behind to be absorbed by his own bomb. MG2222 gives SM3 the Power Armor before the bomb goes off. X dies, and everyone else flees. The group talks about Dragon's tracking orb before heading back to Star Road.

In the Void, EmigasFist meets with Clawdeender and iJosh63 to discuss what to do next. Clawdeender suggests that they bomb all dimensions, which EmigasFist calls insane. Nevertheless, he hires EmigaDylan and MarioMario77777 to help him.

At Star World, Fawn and LucarioKiddo are captured by Simon's Shadow. Meanwhile, MarioSuperSoda is knocked out by EmigaDylan and MM77777 and both invade Star World Castle. Before MM77777 can bomb the dimension, Yoshi Guy, UltimateHario1, and Claude open up a portal to allow the rest of the group to escape. MM761 attempt to leave for Star Road, but SM4 sends him off to the Multi-Dimensional Road instead. At Star Road, SM3's group tries to come up with a plan, but Clawdeender drops in to bomb the dimension. He reveals that the Death Trappers have already bombed every other dimension and then bombs Star Road.

EmigasFist celebrates his victory and attempts to kill the YouTubers, but Simon's Shadow reports that MM761 is still conscious. EmigasFist orders that the Death Trappers should take him out as soon as possible. At the Multi-Dimensional Road, Crownux opens up a portal to EmigasFist's Dimension and tries to get MM761 into the portal before Crownux loses all of his power.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • X [Dies]
  • MarioGame2222
  • Starman3
  • Starman4
  • SMUS16475
  • Cooolboy78 (Minor Role)
  • DragonBallZKai5
  • Schm2000 (Minor Role)
  • Runner4707 Clone (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • MarioMario761 (Minor Role)
  • Skelux
  • Clawdeender
  • Martian King/Clawdeender? (Minor Role)
  • EmigasFist (Major Role)
  • iJosh63/Death Trapper 7 (Minor Role)
  • EmigaDylan (Minor Role)
  • MarioMario77777 (Minor Role)
  • Fawn (Minor Role)
  • LucarioKiddo (Minor Role)
  • Simon's Shadow (Minor Role)
  • MarioSuperSoda (Minor Role)
  • WaluigiGame2 (Minor Role)
  • Brynn1100 (Minor Role)
  • Yoshi Guy (Minor Role)
  • UltimateHario1 (Minor Role)
  • Claude (Minor Role)
  • Crownux (Minor Role)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has references to "Into the Fourth Dimension" by MarioMario54321.
  • The reason for the Martian King's disguise as Clawdeender is because Clawdeender's theme song did not play during his appearance in Episode 7.
  • X's death was specially requested by MarioGame2222 himself. This episode is canonically X's last appearance.
  • MarioMario761 was meant to be the only survivor of the dimensional explosion. Due to poor reception to Alternate Episode 9, however, there ended up being 5 more survivors (Jbro109, Schm2000, Simon, Cooolboy78, and Lugiaboy2).

Gallery Edit

ROY 8-1

Runner4707 Clone attempts to fight the intruders.

ROY 8-2

Clawdeender welcomes the invaders TO HIS LAIR.

ROY 8-3

X reveals his plans to kill YouTubers and Death Trappers!

ROY 8-4

Clawdeender suggests that they should destroy all dimensions immediately.

ROY 8-5

Yoshi Guy opens up a portal for the Star World defenders to escape in.

ROY 8-6

EmigasFist forgets to knock out MM761.

ROY 8-7

Crownux's power fades away.