The Matters of Zythian is the ninth episode of Schm2000's "Rise of YouTube". This is the second version, however, as the original version was taken down due to negative feedback. This episode is 9 minutes and 15 seconds long.

Rise of YouTube! Ep

Rise of YouTube! Ep. 9-The Matters of Zythian

Story Edit

MarioMario761 lands in EmigasFist's Dimension, which looks different than what he expected. He finds MarioMario54321 and frees him before Death Trapper 8 attacks both of them. DT8 is killed before MM761 finds Captain64000 and frees him. Runner4707 shows up okay and decides that everyone should go to the 4th Dimension.

At Star World, Jbro109 lands from the sky, unsure of what is going on. His guardian, Zythian, tells him about EmigasFist's plan and that he needs to save other people before EmigasFist can knock out everyone. Jbro then finds MarioSuperSoda outside of Star World Castle and asks if he can open up a portal into the Void. MSS agrees, and manages to let both of them enter the Void. They manage to save UltimateHario1, WaluigiGame2, and MarioGame2222 before finding UltimateZario1 and Luke talking. They discuss about how the Martian King is okay and how everyone else is gone before leaving. Jbro and MSS decide to head back to Star World, Hario tries to track down Zario, and WG2 and MG2222 plan to rescue everyone at Star Road.

MarioMario54321 wishes to see Starman3 when his 4D counterpart, QuarioQuario54321, states that he is at Star Road. When the group asks where Crownux is, QQ54321 tells them that he is at the top of 4D Tower. In Star Road's Hidden Palace Finale, Starman3 is about to be taken prisoner by EmigasFist when he is knocked away by MarioGame2222. Both MG2222 and WG2 manage to punch EmigasFist into the Void and go down to Star Leap Tower to see if SM3 is okay. They find him and Skelux, SMUS16475, and DragonBallZKai5, but the rest of the group appears to be missing.

Back at the 4th Dimension, Crownux and Zythian meet MM761's group and informs them on what is going on elsewhere. Captain asks Zythian to check on the missing members of SM3's group, which Zythian agrees to do. Schm's group arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom when Zythian finds them and gives them a quest. Brynn1100 transforms in order to fulfill this quest. Zythian tells them that if they kill the Crystal King, then all dimensions would be free. He enlists a mysterious hero, Axitonium, and Mario to help the YouTubers out.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance): Edit

  • MarioMario761 (Major Role)
  • MarioMario54321 (Major Role)
  • Death Trapper 8 (Minor Role) [Dies]
  • Captain64000
  • Runner4707 (Minor Role)
  • Jbro109
  • Zythian (Major Role)
  • MarioSuperSoda (Minor Role)
  • UltimateHario1 (Minor Role)
  • WaluigiGame2
  • MarioGame2222
  • UltimateZario1 (Minor Role)
  • Luke (Minor Role)
  • QuarioQuario54321 (Minor Role)
  • Starman3
  • EmigasFist (Minor Role)
  • Skelux (Minor Role)
  • SMUS16475 (Minor Role)
  • DragonBallZKai5 (Minor Role)
  • Schm2000 (Minor Role)
  • Simon (Minor Role)
  • Cooolboy78 (Minor Role)
  • Brynn1100 (Minor Role)
  • Dalton (Cameo)
  • Shad (Cameo)
  • iJosh64 (Minor Role)
  • MarioStar92 (Minor Role)
  • Ethan (Cameo)
  • YoshiFanX (Cameo)
  • Yoshi Guy (Minor Role)
  • Claude (Cameo)
  • Fawn (Minor Role)
  • LucarioKiddo (Cameo)
  •  ??? (Minor Role)
  • Axitonium (Minor Role)
  • Mario (Minor Role)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode where MarioMario54321 has a major role. This is also the only episode where Jbro109 and WaluigiGame2 have a non-minor role.
  • This is the only episode that QuarioQuario54321 and Zythian appear in.
  • The plot to Alternate Episode 9 was that MarioMario761's group would hunt for stars in the 4th Dimension in order to get out, with Dowser being a Death Trapper member. Due to the elongated search clips, the episode received a negative reception and was taken down. However, this episode uses footage from the alternate version until Death Trapper 8's death.

Gallery Edit

ROY 9-1

"M Hotel"

ROY 9-2

Zythian appears.

ROY 9-3

EmigasFist wants Starman3 to undergo extreme torture.

ROY 9-4

Brynn1100 turns into the Blue Ice!

ROY 9-5

Zythian's chosen warriors.