Schm2000 is a YouTuber who joined on July 31, 2008. He makes Super Mario 64 videos, more specifically the YouTube Trilogy. He is currently making the Fall of YouTube series.

He is also the main character in the YouTube Trilogy and is the leader of the Endermen. In the trilogy he mainly fights against the Death Trappers, more specifically Clawdeender.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Schm2000 is about Mario's height and has the clothes of Mario like any YouTuber. He has a blue hat and shirt, black overalls, lime green shoes, purple gloves, a grey face and red hair. When possessed by Clawdeender and made into Schm2000C, the color of his gloves and shoes both changed to red, like the Clawdes. He has an alternate form, the Endermen King.

As a benefit of being an Enderman, he has an insane knowledge of travelling methods, as shown in War of YouTube. He is not only one of the first people to be aware of Mars' existence, but also has a device which allows him to find the backwards crystals. This is further evidenced when he manages to travel from Star Road straight to the Mushroom Kingdom using a void portal on the warp pipe on the top of Star Tower. In Rise of YouTube, he (and Lugiaboy2, Simon, and Cooolboy78) are known to have escaped Star Road's destruction by using a void portal. It remains a mystery on who summoned the portal, but it was most likely Schm since he was the only person in the group who was able to previously establish a void portal.

Like most YouTubers, he is also an expert in fighting, as shown in the YouTube Trilogy. He also was one of the first people to use tracking orbs, as evidenced when his orbs from the fight against Mario and Death Trapper 1 later appeared in the fight against Death Trapper 3. In his fight against Death Trapper Cut Man, Schm's regular punch was shown to have 1 attack power, his charged punch has 3 attack power, and his Endermen King regular punch has 2 attack power.

In War of YouTube, he typically isn't paired with anyone specific or is said to be friends with someone, but he does save Dalton from being killed while Clawdeender possesses Schm. In Rise of YouTube, however, he is usually never alone and is nearly always seen with one partner. He has been partners with Camjosh9 in Episodes 1, 10 and 11, SMUS16475 in Episodes 2 and 3, MarioMario761 in Episodes 4, 5 and 6, Starman3 in Episodes 3-6, Simon in Episodes 5-7 and 9-10, and Cooolboy78 in Episodes 9 and 10. His main partner/friend is Simon, and he even shows sorrow for Simon after he dies. And in Fall of YouTube, he has been partners with a resurrected Simontheotaku in Episode 2 and iJosh64 in Episode 4. Also in Fall of YouTube, he has a flashback to Simon's death after Yoshi Guy dies.

Schm is also the only known character in the YouTube Trilogy besides Death Mantis who is able to break the fourth wall. He does it twice in Rise of YouTube.

In the Peace or Torture episodes, Schm2000 is significantly more unpleasant and ruthless than in the YouTube Trilogy. He outright forces unwilling participants to compete in his shows, has them thrown into a lava pit when they lose, kidnaps SMUS16475 when he attempts to arrest him and Jedi when he questions Schm about DarthRevio's disappearance, and even sent his most recent losers into Hell.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Flight
  • Fireball
  • Laser Ball
  • Teleport
  • Tracking Orb
  • Endermen King Form
  • Heal (Ruby Star)
  • Freeze (Ruby Star)
  • Ender Teleport (Endermen King)

Role in Movies Edit

War of YouTube! Edit


Schm2000 stars as the main protagonist of "War of YouTube!" He first appears in Episode 2 after FireMario54321 battles Starman3C and explains that Clawdestarman3 possessed Starman3 to make Starman3C. He also says that he is practicing his fighting moves in case Clawdeender shows up. In Episode 3, after Skelux explains what happened to MarioMario54321, Schm declares war on the Clawdes and calls it the "War of YouTube". He then leads a group of 7 other people to Star World via Mars. In Episode 4, Schm and his team arrive in Star World and he collects a relic from the Star World's King Bomb-omb in the Star World's Bomb-omb Battlefield. While attempting to get Starly to open the pipe into Star Road, he comes across Starman3C. They battle in Episode 5 and Schm wins, forcing Starman3C to flee. Schm then leads his group to Star Road by travelling the dimensional current backwards. He does this by using a backwards crystal locator, which he thought was dropped by Dimentio. He and his reduced team of 5 other people make it to Star Road in Episode 6 and he gives a speech on how the Clawdes will want to kill the rest of them and how Schm's group will win the war.

In Episode 7, after Skelux gets the last relic, Schm leads the group to Peach's Castle by "setting a warp" in the pipe at the top of Star Tower and encounters MarioC and Camjosh9C when they get there. After LucarioKiddo and Dalton take care of the possessed people, Schm enters the castle and uses the relics. The effect of this action was shown in Episode 8 when the Relic Spirit appears and tells Schm a riddle. Schm appears possessed by Clawdeender in Episode 9 as Schm2000C and tells his fellow Clawdes to capture the remaining team members. He ends up capturing the last team member left, Dalton, and almost kills him in Episode 10, but Schm resists and frees himself from Clawdeender's control. After Clawdeender knocks out the rest of the people freed from the Clawdes' control, Schm fights Clawdeender and wins. In Episode 11, Schm celebrates over his victory and awaits MarioGame2222's completion of Grand Star.

In Extra Episode 1 (which takes place right after Episode 3 and before Episode 4), Schm clarifies to Skelux that Mars is not "Bowser's Rainbow Rumble". He then meets Shad and Xexon before helping everyone else transport into Star World.

Rise of YouTube Edit


Schm2000 stars as, surprisingly, the second main protagonist of "Rise of YouTube", despite being the creator of the movie. He first appears in Episode 1 just wandering inside Peach's Castle when he stumbles across Mario kidnapping MarioStar64 using a voodoo doll. He then proceeds to contact Camjosh9 about the issue and later fights Mario with CJ9's help. Somehow, the battle against Mario merges with Starman3 and MS64's battle with Death Trapper 1, and the battle ends with DT1 making a huge energy ball and launching everyone else but him and Mario away into other dimensions. Schm lands in Star Road and finds Skelux outside Star Tower. Schm then proceeds to break the fourth wall by telling Skelux that he was in MarioMario54321's latest video and asks him if he's seen anyone else. Skelux responds by telling Schm that MM54321 forgot to give Schm credit for giving Skelux's color code and that he hasn't seen anyone else.

In Episode 2, Schm actually finds SMUS16475 in Star Tower and learns that both SMUS and DragonBallZKai5 were launched by Death Trapper 1 out of the Mushroom Kingdom and that Dragon has gone missing. For the rest of the episode, Schm and SMUS try to find Dragon in both Large Leaf Forest and Melting Snow Peaks but fail. Schm even fights a Wiggler in Large Leaf Forest and attempts to fight the Ice Bully in Melting Snow Peaks. And yet again, Schm breaks the fourth wall in Melting Snow Peaks by saying that the episode has reached the fifteen minute mark.

In Episode 3, Schm and SMUS give up trying to find Dragon and wait in Star Tower only for Dragon to show up and tell the two that the Death Trappers have taken Mars as a base, much to Schm's disapproval since he uses Mars to travel dimensions. He then informs Skelux of the news about Mars and notices that Skelux looks different. After Skelux tells Schm that SMUS made updated his color code and that EmigasFist was revealled to be a Death Trapper, Schm realizes that SuperEmiga must also be a Death Trapper. Schm then waits for SM3 to get to Star Road so that he can learn about the recent Death Trapper news. When SM3 eventually does arrive, Schm proceeds to tell him about Mars and the Emigas.

SM3 tells Schm that he is heading to the Fourth Dimension at the beginning of Episode 4. While waiting for SM3, Schm encounters MarioMario761 later outside of Star Tower and lets him join the battle against the Death Trappers. Both Schm and MM761 are cloned by Death Trapper 6 while they are talking, however. They both later learn that a Death Trapper poisoned the river in order to kill the YouTubers residing near. SM3 returns at the end and tells Schm that he has the map to the Moduwizard.

In Episode 5, Schm and SM3 go to the Multi-Dimensional Road in order to see the Moduwizard, who is revealed to be Schm's friend Simon. Schm later gets an elemental upgrade from Simon in the episode. When both Star Road and Star World call each other, Schm discovers that CJ9 is in Star World. Later, Schm and MM761 confront their clones and prepare to battle them.

Episode 6 starts with Schm and MM761 fighting their clones, and it ends with Schm's clone being destroyed and both versions of MM761 disappearing. When SM3 is about to go back to the Mushroom Kingdom, both Schm and Simon are there to say goodbye to him. Later they decide to follow SM3 instead of sticking around in Star Road, but before they can reach the Mushroom Kingdom, they encounter Schm4000 and Fourmon in Star World. Both then learn that SuperEmiga left the Death Trappers and EmigasFist took his place. They also learn that Dragon has left Star Road and that Clawdeender is attacking the Fourth Dimension as the new Death Trapper Co-Leader.

Schm and Simon end up encountering what seems to be Clawdeender in the Fourth Dimension in Episode 7, but end up not fighting him and instead leaves the fighting to Cooolboy78. All three return to Star Road to inform everyone else about Clawdeender's role in the Death Trapper gang and that the Fourth Dimension is in danger. Both Schm and Simon also appear shocked when CB78 announces that Luke is also a member of the Death Trappers.

Schm, as part of SM3's group, then goes with the group to the Fourth Dimension, where they encounter Starman4. After SM4 tells the group that all of the counterparts have been kidnapped except for him, Schm notices that Dragon has healed from his battle with the Martian King. Schm then remembers about his time in the Fourth Dimension collecting a D-Star in Cotton Candy Station before SMUS shuts him and Dragon up. The group later encounters a clone of Runner4707 and finally lands on Mars before being confronted by Clawdeender. After Schm points out that this is their second meeting after the one in the Fourth Dimension, Clawdeender seems confused. A fake Clawdeender then announces the same thing Schm said and reveals himself to be the Martian King, much to Dragon's anger. X then reveals that he is going to bomb Mars in order to kill both the Death Trappers and the YouTubers there, but is stopped by MarioGame2222 before he can escape. All of SM3's group manages to escape and no one can believe what happened. After they all head back into Star Road, Schm disappears along with Simon, CB78 and Lugiaboy2 before Clawdeender bombs the place.

Schm's group then recovers most of the Star World victims in Episode 9, save for a few, and heads to the conquered Mushroom Kingdom in order to figure out what to do next. Zythian tells the group to defeat the Crystal King and gives them three helpers to fight with them. Before the group can set foot inside the castle, however, Simon's Shadow and two other Death Trappers attack all of them. The result is three members of the group fleeing after one of them gets injured, two members ending up being killed by Simon's Shadow, one of which being Simon himself, and a bunch of people being knocked out cold. Before Simon's Shadow can kill CB78, Schm transforms into the Endermen King and kills Simon's Shadow. Only Schm, Mario, LucarioKiddo, Fawn, Musthasto and LB2 remain when LB2 brings SM3 back into the Mushroom Kingdom in order to fight the Crystal King. Schm then receives a potion from Shadowarrior454 that will recover anyone who was knocked out by a Death Trapper and proceeds to recover everyone. Schm then celebrates with everyone else when Starman3 and Mario kill the Crystal King.

Schm's role in Episode 11 is suprisingly very small, as he only congratulates SM3 for seemingly killing EmigasFist.

Fall of YouTube Edit


Schm2000 once again stars as the main protagonist of "Fall of YouTube". He first appears in Episode 1 inside of Peach's Castle where he and a group of friends are discussing why a certain person has gone insane. Death Trapper 63 then shows up and attempts to kill them, resulting in the group escaping through a portal and ending up in the Planet Stardust Dimension. They meet Fares242 who explains that the true leader of the Death Trappers is Xario and that he has taken over the Power Star Dimension. In order to stop Xario, the group must go to the Power Star Dimension and kill his fifteen spirits, which give him power. After Fares' speech, the group witnesses Yoshi Guy's death and Schm has a flashback to when Simon died. Fares then explains that Yoshi Guy has died on the portal to the Power Star Dimension, which needs a key from Flower Patch Garden in order to be unlocked.

Schm, iJosh64 and Musthasto are prepared to go in Episode 2, but they all notice that LuigiLuigi573 isn't. Schm then explains that LL573 hasn't felt the same since he was healed by WaluigiGame2. Schm also explains that Matt isn't with them because he's too busy looking for his mask. Later in the episode, he comes across Simon, who is now SimontheOtaku, and he learns that the Wither and Paul have arrived from the Minecraft Dimension. Schm then explains to everyone that he is actually the Endermen King and that he arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom via a void portal. He also explains that Clawdeender was built as a Blaze robot by Paul, the Blaze King, but revolted against Paul. After a fake LL573 punches Musthasto into the sky, Schm prepares to fight the fake as it reveals it's identity.

In Episode 3, while all of Schm's group expects the fake LL573 to reveal his identity, he instead freezes the group and adds an effect of torture to everyone except Schm. Fares then freezes the fake and unfreezes Schm's group after he says that he already found the key to the portal. Schm then greets MarioSuperSoda when they arrive at the Planet Stardust Dimension before leaving towards the Power Star Dimension.

In Episode 4, while heading towards the Power Star Dimension, Schm says back with iJosh and says that he wants to make a peace group after the Death Trapper War. After iJosh says that the name should be Shroomwood, the rest of Fares' group finds UMario and Mariofan14 unconscious. Schm uses the Ruby Star that he took from UMario and uses it to revive Mariofan14. After Matt kills UMario, Schm uses his Ruby Star along with Fares, Mariofan14 and PowerBros9001's stars in order to freeze Matt.

While his group did not appear in Episode 5, they did arrive to Tutankoopa's Ruins in Episode 6, where they encounter DylanDylan54321 and Marhfg after they killed the Ice Spirit. After Mariofan14 explains that Schm took UMario's Ruby Star after he died, Marhfg attempts to kill Schm by knocking him into the air. Schm dodges Marhfg's second attack and knocks him away. When asked why Marhfg would want to attack Schm, he explains that Marhfg hates him for the Moon of Ender invasions. Schm explains that he sent the Endermen for research, which confirms that he was responsible for the invasions. Schm then asks DD54321 if he could join Shroomwood, and after he says yes, Death Trapper Cut Man knocks DD54321 away. After the robot knocks nearly everyone else away, Schm challenges the robot to a fight with iJosh64, Simontheotaku, and PowerBros9001. After fighting for a bit, PowerBros is knocked away, and Schm tricks one of DT Cut Man's cutters into hitting the robot itself. A few moments later, Claude sacrifices himself for iJosh64, and Schm responds by powering up into the Endermen King. He still has to get help from Simon during the battle, and after DT Cut Man is frozen, he reverts back into Schm. He thinks that his last blow with iJosh defeated the robot, but DT Cut Man throws one last cutter to kill Schm. Simon freezes the cutter, and Schm supposedly finishes off DT Cut Man with an orb formed by the Ruby Star. He and the other leave without knowing that DT Cut Man upgraded himself to Cut Man X.

After the battle, Schm2000 checks to see if everyone made it out alive in Episode 7. They have, but Marhfg has been mysteriously replaced by MarioMario54321 and both Mariofan14 and PowerBros9001 have left to kill the Chaos Spirit. Before the group can leave for King Whomp's Fortress, Xario blocks them with a fireball. Xario and Yuigi then reveal themselves as FireMario54321 and LuigiGame2, much to the dismay of Schm2000, iJosh64, and MarioMario54321. After Fares tries to kill Xario, Xario unleashes his Omega Laser, which kills LL573 and Musthasto. Xario is then weakened when he loses two of his spirits, but he manages to mind-control Simon afterwards, which enrages Schm. MarioSuperSoda then comes out of nowhere and grabs Xario, allowing Schm to flee into the M Hotel with iJosh64.

Roles in Other Series'/Bloopers Edit

Peace or Torture Edit

Schm2000 appears as the creator and host of the show "Peace or Torture!" In every episode, he forces four competitors (eight in the reboot Pilot Episode) to participate in multiple competitions. The losers are forced into a lava pit while the winner gets a prize of 10,000 coins (or less in the Pilot Episode). He cancelled the show after two episodes due to threats from the police, but decided to restart it after getting 250 subscribers on his channel. In the Pilot Episode, he told Dalton to imprison SMUS16475 after he attempted to arrest Schm for restarting the show. Starting from Episode 1, he forces people onto the show using SMUS's police warrants. He also sends all of the losers into Hell after the Episode ends, as proven in Episode 2 when he orders Dalton to kill the losing contestants with Jedi's lightsaber.

The Anti-Mario Clan Edit

Schm2000 appears doing the Porky Dance in "The Anti-Mario Clan." He declines Lakitu's offer to join the clan and is asked why he isn't battling his clone with MarioMario761. Schm then realizes that he's wasting his time and decides to head back.

The Halloween Specials Edit

In the first Halloween Special, Schm2000 and Shad decide to review Porky's Haunted Holiday. They grow increasingly agitated when more people show up to comment on the game, but they don't force anyone out (except for Enzo). At the end, Schm2000 says hello to Captain64000.

The second Halloween Special starts with Schm dressing up as the Endermen King in front of Shad. After Zach is suddenly murdered and a re-texture invasion begins, Schm and the others try to figure out what's going on. Both the Endermen King and Shad decide to explore a mansion after Starman3 and LucarioKiddo are murdered. They then go to Whomp's Fortress after Cooolboy78's death and see the corpse of MarioMario54321. Right after MarioMario761's death, the Endermen King realizes that he needs to dance on the spots where each person was murdered. After fulfilling this task, he then decides to catch the murderer. When the murderer is successfully caught, he discovers that everyone who was "murdered" faked their own death and that Captain64000 was the supposed "murderer." He never figures out who initiated all of the re-textures, however.

Halloween Black starts with the Endermen King and a few others preparing for Halloween. The Endermen King and Simontheotaku plan to finish decorations after a trip to the Void when they are encountered by Death Trapper 63 and the # King. Both villains are defeated with ease and the Endermen King and Simon prepare to celebrate Halloween.

The 100 Subscriber Special Edit

Schm2000 (as the Endermen King) decides to test out his Minecraft Parkour Course while everyone looks for him. Cooolboy78 manages to deduce where Schm is and tells him to go to the castle. Schm comes back and is congratulated by everyone for reaching 100 subscribers.

Trivia Edit

  • Schm2000 was supposed to have elemental stars from Episode 6 of Rise of YouTube onward, but it was decided that he wouldn't have any due to Starman3 and LuigiFan54321 already having elemental stars.
  • Schm2000 is the only YouTuber in the YouTube Trilogy to be seen as a Minecraft character.
  • Schm2000's super form, the Endermen King, was first seen in a Halloween special as a "costume".

List of Murders: Edit

  • Simon's Shadow (ROY Ep. 10, was later revived)