Starman3 is a YouTuber featured in Schm2000's videos, especially the YouTube Trilogy. He is the second main character in the trilogy overall.

Starman3 is the leader of the YouTube Rangers and was once one of the most popular Super Mario 64 video makers. However, he soon fell out of popularity because of controversy about him. He usually opposes the Emiga Gang and more specifically SuperEmiga and EmigasFist. He also opposes the Death Trappers due to EmigasFist being the leader.

He is also one of the only people who has created footage for Schm2000's videos, specifically for Episode 2 of "Rise of YouTube." The only other person who has done so is DylanDylan54321.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Starman3 is about Mario's height and has the clothes of Mario like any YouTuber. He has a yellow hat and shirt, dark brown overalls, dark grey shoes, orange gloves, a skin-colored face and originally yellow hair. In Rise of YouTube, his hair color changes to dark brown to signify an increase in power. When possessed by Clawdestarman3 and made into Starman3C, the color of his gloves and shoes both changed to red, like the Clawdes.

He has three elemental stars that give him the powers of fire, water, and lightning. However, only two are shown in Rise of YouTube: Fire Starman3 and Lightning Starman3. Fire Starman3 has a white hat and shirt, orange overalls, light grey shoes, red gloves, a skin-colored face, and dark yellow hair. Lightning Starman3 has a yellow hat and shirt, dark grey overalls and gloves, light grey shoes, a flesh-colored face, and dark yellow hair.

Starman3 is usually possessed for the majority of War of YouTube, but in the beginning of the series, he is involved in finding the relics, but does what he wants to do and doesn't follow Schm2000's advice. In Rise of YouTube, he acts like a leader to the YouTubers and usually does the work. In Fall of YouTube, he works alone due to being an outcast. Like most YouTubers, he is also an expert in fighting.

In Peace or Torture, Starman3 is the only person willing to rejoin the show due to him winning his first game.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Flight
  • Dive
  • Laser Ball
  • Fire Star Form
  • Fire Aura (Fire Star)
  • Teleport
  • Fire Ball (Fire Star)
  • Thunder Star Form
  • Lightning (Thunder Star)
  • Circle Wave
  • Void Portal
  • Flash Strike

Roles in Movies Edit

War of YouTube! Edit


Starman3 is one of the protagonists in "War of YouTube!" He first appears in Episode 1 trying to find a star that summons MarioMario54321 in Cold, Cold Mountain. He succeeds, but when he attempts to use it at the top of the castle, he is possessed by Clawdestarman3. The newly made Starman3C then fights FireMario54321 and loses, causing Clawdestarman3 to escape. In Episode 4, Starman3 ignores Schm2000's advice to head to the Star World via Mars and instead goes through the dimensional current. He is then possessed by Clawdestarman3 again and encounters Schm2000 as Starman3C in Episode 5. Starman3C loses and escapes so that he can retain possession of his body. Back at base, Starman3C and MarioMario54321C discuss about the kidnapping of Mario and Camjosh9 and that they should kill the others.

Starman3 later goes after and captures LucarioKiddo in Episode 9 and attempts to kill the remaining members of Schm's group in Episode 10. However, Starman3 resists and frees himself from Clawdestarman3's control. Starman3 is then knocked out by Clawdeender, but survives past the incident.

In Extra Episode 1 (which takes place after Episode 3 and before Episode 4), SM3 stays behind to travel to Star World on his own, not trusting Schm's lead.

Rise of YouTube Edit


Starman3 stars as, surprisingly, the main character of "Rise of YouTube", despite Schm2000 being the creator of the movie. He first appears in Episode 1 swimming near the waterfall when his body is controlled by Mario using a voodoo doll. He then appears with MarioStar64 during a break period that Mario gave both of them on the roof when they encounter Death Trapper 1 and learn of a new threat to the Mushroom Kingdom: the Death Trappers. Their fight against Death Trapper 1 merges with Schm and Camjosh9's battle against Mario, and the battle ends with DT1 making a huge energy ball and launching everyone but him and Mario away into other dimensions.

SM3 lands in the Fourth Dimension in Episode 2, surprised that the blast sent him there. He suspects that Quario and Fourigi are trying to save Princess Kiwi from Dowser and meets Starman4, who says that the Death Trappers are just as powerful as the Blooper Stoppers. SM4 then teleports SM3 back to the Mushroom Kingdom. At the Mushroom Kingdom, SM3 meets Captain64000, who says that he made DT1 flee and that the Death Trappers took over the dimensional pathways. SM3 then goes to the clock room where he encounters Death Trapper 2. He kills DT2 using the power of his fire elemental star.

In Episode 3, he meets up with MarioMario54321 and a friendly Mario. He then encounters Death Trapper 4 with LuigiFan54321 and both transform into their lightning forms. After the battle, DT4 escapes with the thunder energy. Later, he receives the ability to travel to any dimension he wants to by MM54321. SM3 then saves the residents of Star Road from a Death Trapper invasion and meets up with Schm.

In Episode 4, SM3 leaves for the Fourth Dimension to find a map to the Moduwizard. At the end of the episode, he gets the map and tells Schm about it.

Both SM3 and Schm travel to the Multi-Dimensional Road to see the Moduwizard, who is revealed to be Simon, one of Schm's friends. When both Star Road and Star World call each other, SM3 discovers that MS64 is in Star World.

SM3 leaves for the Mushroom Kingdom in Episode 6, saying goodbye to Schm and Simon. When he gets back home, he encounters the robotic clones of MM54321, Mario, MarioMario761, and Captain.

In Episode 7, SM3 is saved from the clones by MarioGame2222 and his group when X appears and reveals himself as DT1. After he and the Crystal King reveal that they set a time bomb for Blooper Land, SM3 teleports MG2222 and his group to Star World and himself to Star Road. Starman3 then tells the group at Star Road that the Mushroom Kingdom was destroyed and that they need to destroy Mars in order to stop the Death Trappers.

SM3's group heads to the Fourth Dimension in Episode 8 and encounter SM4. SM4 tells the group that all of the dimensional counterparts except for him have been kidnapped. The group later encounters a clone of Runner4707 when heading to Mars before being saved by MM761. At Mars, the group encounters Clawdeender and the Martian King, who was pretending to be Clawdeender. X then appears and reveals that he plans to bomb Mars along with everyone in order to kill both the Death Trappers and the YouTubers there, but he is stopped by MG2222 before he can escape. All of SM3's group escapes and no one can believe what happened. When SM3 and half of his group return to Star Road, he is bombed by Clawdeender, who reveals that all dimensions have also been bombed.

EmigasFist almost takes SM3 to the Void in order to be eternally tortured, but MG2222 blasts SM3 away before dealing with EmigasFist. SM3 then thanks MG2222 for saving him.

In Episode 10, Lugiaboy2 tells SM3 that things are going horribly in the invasion of the Mushroom Castle and that Schm's group needs SM3 to help. LB2 then gives SM3 more power by turning his hair darker. Both LG2 and SM3 head into a portal for the Mushroom Kingdom, not knowing that DragonBallZKai5 is behind them. SM3 then announces that he needs helpers for dealing with the Crystal King, and both Musthasto and Mario volunteer to do so. Inside the castle, SM3's group encounters Death Trappers 9 and 10, and both Mario and Musthasto fight the Death Trappers. They lose, but DT9 convinces DT10 that they should let SM3 go. In the clock room, SM3 encounters the Martian King for a brief second before the Martian King is knocked away by Dragon. Both SM3 and Dragon then encounter the Crystal King with EmigasFist, Clawdeender, Luke, the Martian King, iJosh63, MarioMario77777, and EmigaDylan. LuigiLuigi573 kills EmigaDylan and MarioMario77777, and SM3 is joined by Musthasto, Mario, Brynn1100, and Shadowarrior454 (or DT9). Clawdeender then teleports everyone to the void in order to fight. After all of the Crystal King's allies were knocked out, Fire Starman3 and Mario kill the Crystal King to restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom. EmigasFist reveals that he survived, and before SM3 can finish him off, he is stopped by a mysterious figure.

The mysterious figure is revealed to be an Emiga-Virus LF54321 in Episode 11, and EmigasFist explains that he modified the X-Virus to his purposes. After both LB2 and LL573 lose to LF54321, SM3 seemingly kills EmigasFist, but believes that EmigasFist isn't truly dead.

Fall of YouTube Edit


Starman3 is once again a regular character in "Fall of YouTube". He and MarioGame2222 wander Tall. Tall Mountain in order to find EmigasFist in the Prologue Episode, but MG2222 is killed by Death Trapper 63 and SM3 is knocked out of the mountain.

He is talked about by Fawn in Episode 5 as having gone "insane" in the eyes of the other YouTubers. However, she explains that he can still be friendly if you don't oppose him. He also appears after EmigasFist reveals himself to battle EmigasFist, and before the outcome can be decided, KirbyRider's group flees since they do not want to be involved.

In Episode 7, Starman3 suddenly joins the fight in the 4th Dimension and punches Kiddy once. After the fight, DarthRevio's group has a meeting session which Starman3 takes part in. Starman3 questions why no 4D counterparts are there, and DarthRevio explains that the Death Trappers kidnapped them all. When SuperEmiga states that he has been injured for a while, Starman3 implies that he knew about SuperEmiga's injuries. After the group decides to follow Kiddy to Quarting Snow Peak, Starman3 quotes Starman4's line "May the Super Star be with us" for support.

Roles in Other Series'/Bloopers Edit

Peace or Torture Edit

Starman3 appears as a contestant in Episode 2 of the original, where he replaces MarioMario54321. He manages to beat Camjosh9 in a Roblox Race and defeats Clawdeender before Schm2000 can. As a result, Starman3 wins the prize of 10,000 coins. He reappears in the Pilot Episode of the reboot as an extra, being the only person who wanted to compete in the show.

The Halloween Specials Edit

In the first Halloween Special, Starman3 interrupts Schm2000's review of Porky's Haunted Holiday to comment on how pathetically easy the bosses were.

He is first seen as a corpse by MarioMario54321 in the second Halloween Special and is the second to die. He faked his death with five other people and was discovered by the Endermen King at the end.

The 100 Subscriber Special Edit

Starman3 was seen in the 100 Subscriber Special looking for Schm2000 and congratulating him for reaching 100 subscribers.

Trivia Edit

  • Starman3 was responsible for changing the entire plot of Rise of YouTube. Originally, Schm and Skelux were supposed to find everyone and then have everyone compete in a competition to see who would lead the battle against the Death Trappers. However, Starman3 himself requested that he was launched into the 4th Dimension, and since Schm didn't have Rice Plugin, SM3 made the scene himself.
  • Starman3 was supposed to die in Episode 11 of Rise of YouTube due to the controversy surrounding him, but the episode's plot was changed. His last appearance was supposed to be the prologue of Fall of YouTube, but Schm brought him back for Episode 5.
  • He was the only person in "War of YouTube" to be possessed by a Clawde twice.
  • He is, oddly enough, the only character not to get a speaking line in the second Halloween Special.

List of Murders: Edit

  • Clawdestarman3 (WOY Ep. 10)
  • Death Trapper 2 (ROY Ep. 2)
  • Two Death Trappers (ROY Ep. 3)
  • Crystal King (ROY Ep. 10)