SuperEmiga is a YouTuber who is notorious for his disrespectful attitude towards certain members of Super Mario 64 Community. He appeared in Rise of YouTube as the leader of the Death Trappers until Episode 6, where he was dropped from the plot and EmigasFist took his position.


Alike all the other YouTubers, SuperEmiga has the body shape and clothes of Mario. His original color scheme seen in Rise of YouTube consists of a mint-green hat and shirt, purple face, light brown hair, silver overalls, dark green gloves and peach-pink shoes. When being brought by Fawn in Episode 5 of Fall of YouTube, SuperEmiga is shown with a light grey hat and shirt, dark orange face, white gloves, purple overalls and shoes. His latest appearance seen in Episode 1 of the reboot of Peace or Torture, which has been proclaimed by SuperEmiga himself as his official color code, consists of a maroon cap and shirt, skin-colored face, brown hair, light black overalls, white gloves and grey shoes.

SuperEmiga is portrayed as egocentric and is known to act very harshly towards those against him, primarily MarioMario54321 who is considered his nemesis. He personally considers himself mature and intelligent while showing a strong dislike of juvenile behaviour and actions.

He is often accompanied by his best friend and sidekick: EmigasFist, who is shown to be extremely loyal toward him and his ideals. SuperEmiga ended up handing down his leadership to EmigasFist upon resigning from Death Trappers.

SuperEmiga's fighting skill is large unknown as he rarely takes direct action towards the opposing side and wasn't shown using any true psychical combat in battle during Rise of YouTube. However in Episode 1 of Peace or Torture's reboot, he effortlessly took down Eyerok and beat Skelux's already impressive time, implying that he is a fighting expert like most of the Youtubers.

While he hasn't made a psychical appearance during Fall of YouTube, SuperEmiga was brought up by Fawn in Episode 5 where she explained that he had shifted his judgement mainly towards Starman3 after the war, while still showing criticism towards Starman3's supporters such as MarioMario54321. While his still maintains his harsh attitude towards his enemies, he shown logical reasoning behind his actions at times and can be considered a decent friend if one were to remain neutral.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Teleport
  • Void Portal
  • Flash Explosion
  • Flight
  • Clone

Roles in MoviesEdit

Rise of YouTubeEdit

SuperEmiga makes his debut in Episode 3, where Schm2000 starts speculating that SuperEmiga is the leader of Death Trappers after hearing that EmigasFist was part of the group from Skelux. SuperEmiga then makes his appearance in Peach's Castle to kidnap Shad and Dalton who were planning to inform Starman3 about EmigasFist's status as a Death Trapper. After the kidnap, SuperEmiga and EmigasFist are seen at a secret hideout where they receive a message from the Martian King that DragonBallZKai5 has discovered Mars as one of their bases and is now spreading the news among the YouTubers at Star Road, SuperEmiga orders an attack on Dragon's group in response.

In Episode 4, SuperEmiga becomes enraged after hearing the invasion on Star Road was repelled and declared he would launch much more serious attacks towards the YouTubers. He sends Death Trapper 6 to Star Road before ordering him to copy the DNA of Schm2000 and MarioMario761 as well as poisoning the lake to kill whoever drinks from it. His next scene is towards the end of the episode where his temper continues to build as EmigasFist informs of the numerous failed attempts to kill the YouTubers and that the prisoners have escaped thanks to WaluigiGame2. He then asks about the Zario Plan and is pleased to hear that it had yet to be foiled. He then orders EmigasFist to deploy the clones created from the copied DNA.

In Episode 5, SuperEmiga lures MarioMario54321 into his dimension and reveals the plan for his ultimate attack before effortlessly knocking him out due to MarioMario54321 having no control over his body. He then creates a clone of MarioMario54321 and orders him to capture YouTubers and send them to his dimension, laughing evilly before teleporting away.

SuperEmiga made no further appearances in Rise of YouTube due to a script change. He was last mentioned in Episode 6 when Schm2000 and Simon were informed by their 4D Counterparts that SuperEmiga left Death Trapper for unknown reasons and that EmigasFist had taken his place as leader.

Fall of YouTubeEdit

SuperEmiga became a protagonist in "Fall of YouTube." He was brought up by Fawn when she explained why many YouTubers turned against Starman3 after the events of Rise of YouTube.

He shows up in the 4th Dimension in Episode 7 and helps Waluigifan32 defeat Kiddy. After DarthRevio's group wins the fight, the group goes inside 4D Tower to have a meeting. They discuss the deaths of Runner4707 and MarioStar92 and Zeus Krazy notices that SuperEmiga is injured. Starman3 states unwillingly that he may have had something to do with SuperEmiga's injury before Zeus heals SuperEmiga. After he is healed, DarthRevio says that Kiddy went into Quarting Snow Peaks. The group decides to follow Kiddy and defeat the Quartz King, who was said by MarioMario761 to reside there.

Roles in Other Series'/BloopersEdit

Peace or TortureEdit

SuperEmiga appears as a contestant in Episode 1 of the reboot, where he received a police warrant to join the show and wondered why he received it since the police hated the show. During the tournament, he fought against Skelux in a race to defeat Eyerok and triumphed. He then faced MarioGame2222 in a game of Hide and Seek for the finals, but lost. He also appears during the post-credits scene where he is seen trapped in Hell alongside Zario, Luke and Skelux.

The Anti-Mario ClanEdit

SuperEmiga is mentioned to appear off-screen during The Anti-Mario Clan when Princess Peach visits his dimension and offers him to join her Anti-Mario Clan, which he declines.


  • Throughout Rise of YouTube, SuperEmiga always appeared on a green screen background, meaning his overalls and shirt became transparent in each scene featuring him. The color of his cap and shirt weren't revealed until Schm2000 released this color code to the public due to popular demand.
  • Schm2000 stated that the reason why SuperEmiga stopped appearing in Rise of YouTube from Episode 6 onwards was because of his overly horrible attitude towards others.
  • SuperEmiga is unmentioned during the credits for Rise of YouTube, mostly likely due to Schm's reason behind his removal.