War of YouTube Pt. 1-1

The thumbnail for the first episode of War of YouTube!

"War of YouTube!" is a video series made Schm2000 that stars Schm2000 as the main hero and Clawdeender as the main antagonist. It is split up into eleven parts (plus one extra part) and centers around ten people gathering relics carried by multiple King Bomb-ombs while also battling the Clawde army.

List of Characters Edit

Main Hero: Edit

Heroes: Edit

  • Ethan (Extra Episode)
  • FireMario54321
  • Skelux
  • Starman3
  • Camjosh9
  • Dalton
  • Mario
  • LuigiGame2
  • LucarioKiddo
  • Shad (Extra Episode)
  • Relic Spirit
  • MarioMario54321

Antagonists: Edit

  • Clawdeender (Clawdeschm2000) (Main)
  • Alastor (Clawdemariomario54321) (2nd)
  • Clawdestarman3 (3rd)
  • Luke (Clawdeethan) (Extra Episode)
  • Xexon (Clawdeshad) (Extra Episode)
  • King Bomb-omb
  • Clawdecamjosh9
  • Martian King (Extra Episode)
  • Wiz (Clawdedalton) (Extra Episode)
  • Clawdemario

List of Episodes Edit

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