The War of YouTube! Pt

The War of YouTube! Pt. 6

The sixth episode of "War of YouTube!" is about 4 minutes and 57 seconds long and has Schm2000's group collect the last relic.

Story Edit

Spoilers start here!

Starman3C announces to MarioMario54321C that Camjosh9 and Mario have been captured and MarioMario54321C orders them to be possessed by their respective Clawdes. After Starman3C asks about what to do with the other people in Schm2000's group, MarioMario54321C orders that they should be killed. Meanwhile, Schm2000's group lands in Star Road and Schm2000 gives a short speech on what the Clawdes will do to them and that together, Schm2000's group can win the war. Skelux then goes into Bomb-omb Islands to get the last relic from Star Road King Bomb-omb. He succeeds, and Schm's group prepares to leave Star Road and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance) Edit

  • Starman3 (Starman3C)
  • Clawdestarman3 (Starman3C)
  • MarioMario54321 (MarioMario54321C)
  • Clawdemariomario54321 (MarioMario54321C)
  • Schm2000
  • Skelux
  • Star Road King Bomb-omb

Music Used (Order of Use)Edit

  • His World - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (Remix by NemesisTheory)
  • Mr. L's Theme - Super Paper Mario (Remix)
  • Super Mario Star Road Main Theme - Original Composition by Skelux
  • Overworld - Super Mario 3D Land
  • Boss Bonzana - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Gallery Edit

War of YouTube Pt. 6-1

Skelux battles Star Road King Bomb-omb!

War of YouTube Pt. 6-2

Schm2000 prepares to make a short speech to his group.

War of YouTube Pt. 6-3

Skelux collects the last relic!