The War of YouTube! Pt04:56

The War of YouTube! Pt. 9

The ninth episode of "War of YouTube!" is about 4 minutes and 55 seconds long and is the last of the Windows Movie Maker videos by Schm2000.

Story Edit

Spoilers start here!

FireMario54321 steps outside only to find out that Clawdeender possessed Schm2000 to make Schm2000C. FireMario54321 then runs to Bomb-omb Battlefield where he tries to hide, but Camjosh9C captures him. LucarioKiddo tries to hide in Hazy Maze Cave, but Starman3C catches him. Dalton, being the last person left, decides to hide in Wet-Dry World, but ends up being captured by Schm2000C. Schm2000C then decides to kill the prisoners.

List of Characters (Order of Appearance) Edit

  • FireMario54321
  • Schm2000 (Schm2000C)
  • Clawdeender (Schm2000C)
  • King Bomb-omb (Cameo)
  • Camjosh9 (Camjosh9C) (Brief appearance)
  • Clawdecamjosh9 (Camjosh9C) (Brief appearance)
  • LucarioKiddo
  • Starman3 (Starman3C) (Brief appearance)
  • Clawdestarman3 (Starman3C) (Brief appearance)
  • Dalton

Gallery Edit

War of YouTube Pt. 9-1

Starman3C capturing LucarioKiddo.

War of YouTube Pt. 9-2

Schm2000C ordering the capture of the rest of Schm2000's group.

War of YouTube Pt. 9-3

Dalton swimming away from the Clawdes.

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