Xario was the main antagonist in MarioSuperSoda's series; The Crystal Star. Xario appears in Fall of YouTube as the main antagonist and the true leader of Death Trappers, which he founded in order to get his revenge and to allow other villains to get their own revenge for their past defeats. It was later revealed that Xario was the reincarnation of IJosh64's deceased cousin; FireMario54321.

For information about his previous identity, see FireMario54321.


Xario has the body shape and clothes of Mario. His color scheme consists of a turquoise cap and shirt, yellow overalls, and the remaining features including his face, hair, gloves and shoes are all black.

Xario is portrayed a heartless and power-hungry figure who would stop at nothing to eradicate the inhabitants across all dimensions. His motivations originate from when he was killed in his previous life as FireMario54321. He successfully attempted to revived himself, but ended up in the form of a negative Mario. Upon seeing how easily everyone moved on from his death, he came to the assumption that nobody cared about his existence and that life had no purpose other that death and destruction, thus making him set out to bring the universe and all living beings to an end.

He is often seen alongside a similar villain; Yuigi, who is claimed to be his "brother".

MarioSuperSoda is considered his primarily nemesis due to being defeated by him in the past. He felt satisfied after killing him in Fall of Youtube - Episode 4, however he became furious to learn that he survived and was the true identity of EmigasFist all along in Episode 7.

Xario is shown to be immensely powerful in both physical and non-physical combat. He is also shown to emit a turquoise aura whenever he is present. A notable attack of his is the Omega Laser; a gigantic red laser that disintegrates whoever it makes contact with.

Xario also has 15 spirits which serve as pillars keeping him at full power. Each spirit represents a certain power or emotion and grants Xario abilities based on their respective element. If all spirits were to be destroyed, then Xario would become debilitated and vulnerable to death. The spirits that are known so far consist of Disguise, Ice, Chaos, Fire and Resistance.

In the Peace or Torture universe, Xario is still as ruthless as he is in the original series since he was brought from that timeline. However, he loses most of his powers in this universe and is consequently weak enough for a regular Koopa Troop member to hinder him.

List of Abilities: Edit

  • Teleport
  • Disguise
  • Freeze
  • Lightning
  • Fear
  • Mind Control
  • Flight
  • Fire Ball
  • Protect
  • Omega Laser

Roles in MoviesEdit

Fall of YouTubeEdit

Xario stars as the main antagonist in "Fall of YouTube." During Episode 1, Fares242 explains that Xario was the creator of the Death Trappers and that he formed the group after his failure to obtain the Crystal Star. Fares also explains that Xario has 15 spirits, and each gives Xario a power or emotion. Without the spirits, Xario is beatable.

Xario first appears as a disguised LuigiLuigi573 in Episode 2, knocking Musthasto away and preparing to reveal himself to Schm2000, iJosh64, and Simontheotaku. In Episode 3, he reveals that he faked revealing himself and instead froze the group, adding in lightning for Simon and fear for iJ64. Before he can get the Power Star Key, however, Fares freezes LL573? and unfreezes the rest of the group. However, LL573? manages to mind-control Matt while he is searching for his mask and gets him to fight MarioSuperSoda. During the fight, LL573? supposedly kills MSS with an arc slash and proceeds to kill the others when he loses his Disguise Spirit. This reveals his true form, Xario. Xario sends Matt to kill everyone else near the Power Star Dimension since they managed to kill one of his fifteen spirits.

Both Xario and Yuigi bomb the Death Dimension in Episode 5 in order to prevent anyone else from resurrecting themselves. They also reveal that they are not related. When EmigasFist tries to regain leadership in Episode 6 in a meeting, Clawdeender and everyone else disagree. Xario states that he hired EmigasFist as a Co-Leader since he thought that the Emigas were the perfect candidates. While SuperEmiga showed promise, EmigasFist did not. Xario even wanted X to take over leadership because EmigasFist was that bad of a leader. When Clawdeender suggests that they should kill EmigasFist, Yuigi states that they need to test him first. When Xario asks who the Death Trapper soldiers are and what EmigasFist's plan was, EmigasFist correctly answered with Wither Skeletons and the Alpha Green, an advanced Death Trapper. Xario lets EmigasFist live before losing his Ice Spirit. Xario then decides to go to Power Star to defend his remaining spirits, but he puts EmigasFist as a guardian for Mars.

Xario meets Fares' group in Episode 7 with Yuigi, blocks the path to King Whomp's Fortress with a fireball, and reveals himself as FireMario54321, much to the shock of iJosh64 and Schm2000. Xario explains that after iJosh63 murdered him, he resurrected as a negative Mario. After learning that everyone forgot about him, Xario realized that life's only meaning was to be destroyed. He decided to use the Crystal Star to kill everyone, but he was stopped by MarioSuperSoda. iJosh64 tries to convince Xario to rejoin the heroes, and DylanDylan54321 asks why he let his killer into the group. Xario then reveals that he plans to kill iJosh63, Clawdeender, and their allies. Fares attempts to kill Xario with the Diamond Star, but Xario isn't affected. Xario then uses his Omega Laser on LuigiLuigi573 and Musthasto, completely obliterating both. He then loses his Fire and Resistance Spirits due to his recent victims using the last of their energy to kill both. Xario then decides to mind-control Simontheotaku and use him to kill the heroes, starting with Jbro109. MSS then steps in and allows the rest to flee. MSS then lets go of Xario and flees to another area. Clawdeender warns Xario that EmigasFist was MarioSuperSoda, and Xario sends Simon and Clawdeender to kill MSS. Yuigi tells Xario that he will follow MarioMario54321's group after an important visit, which leaves Xario to deal with Fares' group in the M Hotel.

Roles in Other Series'/BloopersEdit

Peace or TortureEdit

Xario appears as a contestant on the Pilot Episode of the rebooted "Peace or Torture!" He loses most of his powers when he is brought in from an alternate timeline, preventing him from escaping. He wins a quiz round against Cut Man X after he guesses the length of "War of YouTube" correctly, taking the first Extra Episode into account. He credits his victory on being in the movie, which Schm2000 denies. In the final round, Xario is the last to attempt to run the New Hell Tournament Race Track. He ends up being caught by a Bully and trapped in a wall. This forces him to glitch behind the wall and down into the wall, disqualifying him from the game. At the end credits, Xario questions how he became so weak.


  • In Fall of YouTube - Episode 5, it was stated that Xario and Yuigi weren't really brothers. This statement was later explained in Episode 7 when Xario and Yuigi revealed themselves as reincarnations of FireMario54321 and LuigiGame2 respectively, who were unrelated to each other.
  • Also, in Peace or Torture - Prologue, Xario stated that he was in the "War of YouTube!" movie. Since he is the reincarnation of FireMario54321, this is proven true.
  • Xario is seen in the final intro for "Rise of YouTube" but doesn't make an appearance. This is due to a change in Episode 11's script ending the series short. Otherwise, he would have taken over as the main antagonist.
  • Xario's Color Code is based on an inverted Mario, with black gloves, shoes, face, and hair.
  • Xario was supposed to finish his race in the Pilot Episode of "Peace or Torture! Season 1", but due to the creator not expecting a Bully to completely trap Xario in a corner, he left the footage as it was. Xario was planned to place in dead last regardless.

List of Murders:Edit

  • MarioSuperSoda (FOY Ep. 4, death was actually faked.)
  • LuigiLuigi573 (FOY Ep. 7)
  • Musthasto (FOY Ep. 7)