Yuigi was the main antagonist in MarioSuperSoda's cancelled series; Yuigi's Dimensional Invasion. Yuigi appears as the main antagonist in Fall of YouTube, leading the Death Trappers alongside his claimed brother; Xario, however he later intends to overthrow him and take full leadership. It was later revealed that Yuigi was the reincarnation of the retired and deceased YouTuber; LuigiGame2.

For information about his previous identity, see LuigiGame2.


Despite being based on Luigi, he is shown to have the body shape and clothes of Mario. His color scheme consists of a pink cap and shirt, yellow overalls, and the remaining features including his face, hair, gloves and shoes are all black.

Alike Xario, Yuigi is portrayed as ruthless and power-hungry with the goal of ending all existence. His motivations originate from his failed attempted to revive himself as LuigiGame2. While residing in the Death Dimension, he learn't how to revive but wished not to suffer the same fate as Xario. Therefore he attempted to possess and inhabit Simon's body when reconstructing him, however he was overpowered and rejected, instead reviving as a negative Luigi. This experience caused him to lose faith in maintaining peace and balance along the dimensions and lead him to join Xario with his goal.

Yuigi is usually seen accompanied by Xario, who is claimed as his "brother". While the two seem to share the same ideals and are usually working together, it was revealed in Fall of Youtube - Episode 7 that Yuigi intends to overthrow Xario and take full leadership of the Death Trappers.

Yuigi is shown to possess fatally strong physical combat. He is stated to have the power to destroy dimensions, evident by him destroying the Death Dimension in Fall of Youtube - Episode 5. Upon taking control of the Multi-Dimensional Road in Fall of Youtube - Episode 7, Yuigi gains the ability to kill off any counterpart at will. Like Xario, Yuigi is also granted power by the spirits in the Power Star Dimension and is shown to be weakened when they are destoryed.

List of Abilities:Edit

  • Teleport
  • Mind Control
  • Dark Punch

Roles in MoviesEdit

Fall of YouTubeEdit

Yuigi makes his first appearance in Episode 5, questioned by Xario if he destroyed the Multi-Dimensional Road, to which he replies that he did, before suggesting to destroy the Death Dimension as well. Xario strongly agrees as it would prevent the anyone from reviving themselves.

Yuigi appears alongside the rest of the notable Death Trappers when EmigasFist attempts to reclaim his leadership in Episode 6. When everyone disagrees to EmigasFist retaking his position and suggests he should executed, Yuigi decides to hold a test that will determine his survival, to which EmigasFist successfully passes. Shortly after the test, Xario and Yuigi are suddenly weakened by the destruction of the Ice Spirit. Once Xario assigns the Death Trappers with their tasks, Yuigi tells the unassigned members to do as they please.

In Episode 7, Yuigi accompanies Xario when meeting Fares' group. After Xario reveals himself as FireMario54321, Fares242 questions who Yuigi actually is, to which Yuigi reveals he was formerly known as LuigiGame2. Everyone is shocked and dismayed to learn of this and questions why such a legendary saviour would turn evil. Yuigi replies that such perfection was merely temporary and explains how he tried reconstruct Simon's body and inhabit it in order to return, but was rejected and instead revived as a negative Luigi. Schm2000 becomes enraged at Yuigi, accusing him of trying to erase his friend just to revive. Yuigi states that he intended to share the body and blames Simon for rejecting him. After Clawdeender informs Xario that EmigasFist's true identity is MarioSuperSoda, Yuigi admits to his suspicions and feels guilty for giving him a chance to live. Once Xario, Clawdeender and a mind-controlled Simontheotaku begin to pursue the fled YouTubers, Yuigi states he will head after MarioMario54321 after an importance trip.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuigi appears before Crownux at the Multi-Dimension Road. Crownux is in disbelief that Yuigi would want kill him considering the hero he was in his previous life, but Yuigi ignores what Crownux is saying and lunges forward to kill him. Now in the position of ruler of the Multi-Dimensional Road, Yuigi begins killing off all counterparts who aren't serving under the Death Trappers. The Martian King and Crystal King soon arrive by Yuigi's order. Yuigi assigns the Martian King to become his personal spy, informing him if any members were to get "out of line". Yuigi then assigns the Crystal King to go to Quarting Snow Peaks where he meet an "old enemy". Once both have left, Yuigi states that he will soon displace Xario as the leader of the Death Trappers and that no one will be able to stop him.


  • In Fall of YouTube - Episode 5, it was stated that Xario and Yuigi weren't really brothers. This statement was later explained in Episode 7 when Xario and Yuigi revealed themselves as reincarnations of FireMario54321 and LuigiGame2 respectively, who were unrelated to each other.
  • Yuigi's Color Code is based on an inverted Luigi, with black gloves, shoes, face, and hair.

List of Murders:Edit

  • Crownux (FOY Ep. 7)
  • Schm4000 (FOY Ep. 7)
  • Fourmon (FOY Ep. 7)
  • Starman4 (FOY Ep. 7)
  • QuarioQuario54321 (FOY Ep. 7)
  • 4D Dr. Toadley (FOY Ep. 7)